Holiday Gift Guide-Baby

Ahh, sweet little babies.  Too young to bug you every day about what they want for Christmas, so you can just go buy whatever you want!  Here are some cute things...

1. I can't get enough of cute little sweaters with ears on the hoods. Every baby needs one!

2. These organic crochet donut rattles are adorbs-can you just see a baby toting these around? As an added bonus, these will grow with the child, who can use them later in their play kitchen.

3. A bold black & white book with fun animal shapes will keep baby interested at story time.

4. We love playing "Tickle Monster" at our house, and this book with soft blue "tickle mitts" would take it to the next level!

5. This elephant rocker is a fun take on the more traditional horse rocker.  An added bonus is it is made from recycled wood and painted with low-odor, eco-friendly paint.


  1. I have just the little guy in mind that could use the crochet donut rattle - it's adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that elephant rocking horse-so sweet- great list and I love the new blog look:)

  3. I have those Dwell Studio books and they are fab!

  4. You're so right about babies. Love how they can't bug you about presents, and I can buy her whatever i want! One of Charlotte's first words was "tickle" because she loves being tickled, so that tickle monster book is a must-have. And I'm wanting those donuts, too. Thanks for the great finds.

  5. Those donut rattles are adorable!

  6. Cute! I already told Ryan that our babies will only wear hoods and hats with ears on them. SO CUTE.

  7. Could that rocker be any cuter? Love love love it!