Dream Locks

I've been trying to grow out my hair for over a year and apparently it doesn't want to cooperate.  I don't know if it is because I have had it short for so long...it's been 8 years since I had grown it out for my wedding.  I chopped it all off immediately afterwards.  Any growing out hair tips? Can I eat something, take some kind of pills, use a certain shampoo?? I'm desperate!

In my wildest dreams, my hair would look like this:

The perfect color, length and curl.  I want, I want, I want!

And I would totally rock a side ponytail like this.

Pics from the website stel's, which I somehow ran across over the weekend.  They have a great selection of designer pieces; I really love the whole aesthetic of the site.   


  1. I keep praying for my hair to grow this long! Only a few more inches then maybe, just maybe, I can rock the side pony! (:

  2. I was having the same problem and my hair dresser recommended that I take geletain suppliments (you can buy it at CVS or Walgreens with all the other vitamins) and it has really made a difference. It has grown a few inches since I started. And, my nails and skin look better too!


  3. wow, i feel the same way! i've had short hair forever and grew it out pretty long for my wedding (a couple inches past my shoulders) and then cut it shorter and shorter every time i went in. now i'm trying to grow it out and it's been a year. maybe 3 inches have grown but it still doesnt touch the top of my shoulders. when i was growing mine out before i went a very long time in between cuts and used hot oil V05. remember that stuff? you put it on the shower and leave it on for a few minutes. it seemed to work. that's my dream hair too!! hope you get it!

  4. aw i hear ya. i take 'hair, skin and nail' pills everyday. they dont work as well as these though:

    phyto. my sis in law got me some for free (she is a buyer at sephora) and man do those babies work. only thing is, they dont discrimate 'what' hair grows, if ya know what i mean! :)

  5. I've heard that taking Flinstone's vitamins does the trick for many women. Like, a few months of those and their hair is lustrous and long. Good luck!

  6. that is some lovely hair! i'm a hair design student and while i definitely don't claim expert status, i do have a few tips: avoid heat highlighting and heat styling... these are two biggies for breakage! even though you don't necessarily notice the breakage or feel like your hair is "fried" it can take a big toll over time and keep your hair from growing long and as full as you want it to be. other things that i don't know work for sure but hear things about: biotin (a supplement... my sister-in-law takes it and claims it works), monistat (GROSS, i know... my instructor told me about this one), and scalp massage.

  7. Biotin has always worked for me. Helps your nails grow, too. Check with GNC...they've got good stuff there for this purpose. Good luck!

  8. Yep, biotin in a B-Complex vitamin is great! My endocrinologist suggested I take years ago and it really worked!

  9. Try a UltraNourisHair from GNC. They really work, and I had a few people ask if I was using Latisse because my eyelashes got really long. Just be diligent with your skincare regiment because the extra biotin can cause breakouts in some people.

    Happy Growing!