Anthology Magazine Launch Party @ West Elm

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Holly to attend the Anthology magazine launch party.  I swear I heart blogging so much because of these cool little perks.  Not the you had to be a blogger to go, but I would have never known about it otherwise.  I had so much fun it was ridiculous.  Let's review the night in pictures...

I adore the cover of the magazine...they were giving out free copies, but would not hand one over until we were ready to leave.  This made no sense but we were like whatever, until we finally did go to leave and they were all out.  Talk about party foul!

They had a DJ spinning beats...or whatever you kids call it these days.

And an open bar serving specialty cocktails with names like "Eternal Sunshine" and with ingredients such as Absinthe.  That shiz is rumored to make you hallucinate!  And I think it did, because I kept on seeing sequin covered animals everywhere...


We obvi made a beeline for the bar when we arrived- and wouldn't you know I spilled some of my red martini drink on the floor before I could even take a sip.  Bartender boy filled my glass way too high!  This pic was taken after the spillage occurred.  Can you see the embarrassment and shame on my face?

A cool perk of the evening was that we received 20% off any purchases made.  That made for a lot of roaming around aimlessly trying to figure out what to buy.  Because there is nothing like a sale to coerce you into buying stuff you don't need.

Holly found this cute wreath in the holiday section...

It was like a winter wonderland in there.

I loved this idea for a holiday party tabletop.  Simple and fun!

And lets not forget another highlight of the evening-the smilebooth.


It was such a blast.  
And I may or may not have come home with a 5'x8' jaguar rug.

You can't call it a party until a security guard carries a giant rug out to your car.

Check out Holly's recap here!


  1. You are hilarious. Love it.

    That is super weird about the sequins... for real!

    Loved the re-cap. Can you believe my deprived self has never even been in a West Elm? Boo! I do love their stuff though, and what better place to have a stylin' blogger party! I'm so glad you went!

  2. I am so jealous that you went! Too bad the magazines were all out by the time you left...I am waiting patiently for mine in the mail!

  3. You so cray-cray, and hard core, throwing your gang signs all around the photo booth. I had no idea.


  4. Looks like a ton of fun! I just got the magazine and loved it.

  5. so fun~ i was so sad when I got the email and couldnt go :(

  6. WAIT, hold up, that guy was a security guard? ahahah i thought he worked for west elm? either way, we were the highlight of his night!

    i had SOOOOO much fun that the next day i was goofy.

  7. i loooooove the smilebooth pics!!! where was this and why didn't i know about it?! and hey it's holly...didn't know you two were friends. so cute!

  8. Looks like such a fun night!

    And I can't wait for Anthology...in my mind, it's going to replace Domino...which I hope it actually does!

  9. Haha, you girls are too cute!! The last photo with the security guard cracked me up!!

  10. So cool (& fun!). I'm jealous!