Vegas: Did That Just Happen??

I'm back from the craziest travel experience I have ever had!  Sorry to leave you hanging for a few days-I had to get my bearings back!  So where to begin...hmm, how about the part where ten of us were locked in the boarding room at the Santa Rosa airport a good twenty minutes prior to takeoff, only for the plane to say peace out and leave us all there wondering what the hell had just happened.  That's right, the Santa Rosa airport is such a small, one-man-freaking-show that no one was around to unlock the door for us to board the plane.  Of course, they are accusing us of being late and that is why the door was locked and we were not able to board.  Right, all ten of us decided we would prefer to just sit around and watch our flight leave instead of boarding. GAH!! Now, I have issues traveling on planes to begin with, so I was already on level eight anxiety, but this just sent me through the roof.  We were forced to frantically book another flight out of San Franciso International, a good two hour drive away, because there is only one flight daily to LV from Santa Rosa.  Nice.  So we spend an extra $750 on those tickets, haul our butts to SF, hop on the 7:00 flight and get into Vegas at 9:30, six hours later than scheduled, thus missing the dinner date we had planned with Jill and her hubby.  We were fuming mad to say the least.  What a nightmare!!  The only positive thing to come from this, is when we arrived at The Mirage, all rooms were booked so we were upgraded to a suite!

Feast your eyes:

I felt like we should have called all our friends and had them fly out for a fat hotel party!  You should have seen me running around the place shrieking, like a crazy girl checking out "The Real World" house for the first time.  We've obviously never stayed in a suite before!

Okay, on to the point of the entire trip: to meet my long-time blog buddy Jill!  Since we had to cancel dinner (boo) we re-scheduled for breakfast the next morning at Mon Ami Gabi at The Paris Hotel.  Breakfast was lovely, Jill and her husband Andrew are two of the sweetest, funniest, easiest to talk to couples we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Truly.  We picked up conversation like we had already gotten together hundreds of times before that;  it was effortless.

After breakfast we went shopping.  If you read Jill's blog, you know she is a fashion maven, and I was pretty stoked to be able to go shopping with her and see her in action!  We were in Z Gallerie when I realized we hadn't taken a photo together yet, so we snapped this one:

We had so much fun that day going in and out of all the shops at The Fashion Show Mall.  
Here are a few shots I took inside the Kate Spade store:

After hours of shopping we decided to head back to our hotels to freshen up.  Jill and her hubby had a romantic dinner date planned for their anniversary, so we met up later that night for drinks.  We met first at House of Blues (my hubby's favorite) and stayed there until they kicked us out for closing...then we wandered and found another spot that was still going called "Eye Candy".  They named it after us, obviously:

Decked out in our Vegas finery!

Here is Jill and her hubby Andrew.  (The photographer had one too many vodka tonics at this point-ahem).
That night was chock full of laughs and fun! Eventually we had to call it a night-or technically, an early morning.  On the way home, at like 3 in the morning, I remembered to take a few outfit photos:

Hooray for drunk Vegas outfit pics!  Look, I'm the color of money!  The dress is actually a more subdued olive color in person-promise.  And oh my goodness, I got schooled in the wearing of sequins that night-I woke up in the morning with major chafing under my arms where they had brushed against my dress as I walked! I coined it "sequin burn", and it is not fun.

The next morning Jill and I hung out by the pool, read some magazines and had some nice girl talk.  Then we did some more shopping (what did you expect?).  Unfortunately Jill was fighting a cold that had taken a turn for the worse, so we ended up not getting to see each other after that.  That made for a very sad me, but I was so thankful for all the time we did get to spend together.  Can't wait to get together again.  

Here are a few more highlights from the trip:

SPPN Chandy Cam!

Umm, thats all I got-and yes, one is technically a sconce, but just roll with it.  Vegas is just too fast paced for me to be stopping and snapping every chandy I came across.

This rhino head from Z Gallerie came home with me.  It's in my entry now and makes me happy.

The Bellagio had an orchid exhibit in it's conservatory.  I noticed a ton of people crowded around a particular orchid, with a security guard hovering close by.  I asked what all the fuss was about, and apparently that white orchid in the middle of my shot is one of seven in the world and worth over a million dollars!  How crazy is that?

We saw the Cirque du Soliel tribute to The Beatles, LOVE. This is the entrance to the theater.  I saw it once years ago, but my husband hadn't seen it yet.  It is an amazing, powerful show!

I ran into my boyfriend Joel and we made out.

Had the best dinner and pineapple mojitos at Stack.

And then it was time to go home.  The End.


  1. Awwwww, aside from the travel mishap at the beginning, that sounds like a pretty dope trip! You girls look GORGE. I, too, have suffered from sequin burn, and it's no fun, but you look good in the color of money!

    Glad you made it home safe!


  2. First of all, I am super jealous that you got to see the 'Beatles' Cirque du Soliel!! I've heard it's amazing!

    And second you look beautiful in that green sparkly number!!

  3. Such great pictures... you took a ton! Fun little recap! It was a great trip - can't wait to do it again soon! :)

  4. oh vegas. and dont worry, even if there isnt a million dollar orchid, people swarm those flowers like its their job. My FAV breaskfast place is that cafe in the bellagio-so not overpriced like people fear-and they have the best pancaskes on earth. yes, i taste test across america . and they currently hold the number one spot.

    looks like fun!

  5. looks like you had an excellent time in Vegas!! Vegas is such a fun place to go...I cant wait to go back!

    great blog!!

  6. Vegas is always good fun especially with friends.
    Your green dress is adorable! Where's it from? Oh and love your striped bag, also where is it from? I am asking lots today. ;)

  7. what a great time...i LOVE vegas...so much fun what a great meetup for you and jill! I even took my kid when we went which I thought may have been crazy, but there was still plenty to do even with him!!! and those hotels.....ahhhh glorious, yours looked amazing!

  8. I so got the Suite upgrade at Caesar's the week before last, and it was amazing. Penthouse level, two bathrooms equipped with phones in them, towel warmers, ginormous jet tub, etc etc. I am not a bath taker but I was on that trip, every day! HA! Sounds like it was a blast for you girls. So jealous.

  9. You are not alone in your "Real World" screams! I'd be doing the same thing.
    Also, I'm dying for a pineapple mojito now.

  10. Jackie, you look awesome in that green dress! I'm sorry about the travel troubles in the beginning, but I'm glad everything worked out for you. Sounds like a great time!

    p.s. love the picture of you & joel. it looks exactly like how he kisses people on the soup!

  11. How fun! Love that y'all met up and hit it off as great as you expected. You looked great!

  12. That's it...the hubs and I need a Vegas getaway stat...and I still can't get over that fabulous sparkly frock!