DIY Vanities

Two of my savvy readers sent in their DIY vanities, and let me tell you-they are good!  We all love a little before and after action don't we?  Here we go...

Kate of DomestiKated Life took a rusty old toolbox she bought at Brimfield:

And turned it into this beauty:

"After hours of sanding down rust with steel wool (lots of help from a loving boyfriend) and several coats of spray paint later, I have to say, I’m a bit obsessed with how it turned out.  I’m mostly excited because I can’t believe how organized all of my accessories are now! There’s a little surprise on the inside, hot pink felt lining to keep my necklaces from rattling around in the metal drawers. It was quite the facelift – from holding wrenches to cocktail rings!"

I am in LOVE with this! What an awesome idea to use a toolbox as a jewelry armoire/vanity! And the peacock blue color you painted it is gorgeous. I must do this. Thanks for sharing Kate!

Next, Kerri of Champagne from Beer took a plain old ordinary Ikea Lack TV stand, like so:

And turned it into this:

"I made this vanity from a black Ikea Lack TV stand. I added caster legs [from Ikea] for mobility and purchased a roll of wallpaper on Ebay. The edges are trimmed in hem tape from JoAnn fabric. The tray on the left holds my most worn jewelry and a few makeup essentials. On the right are hair and nail products as well as lotion and perfume.  My hair dryer and a wider variety of makeup are all kept below, neatly out of sight.  This vanity has made my life a lot easier, I no longer have to fight for room in front of the bathroom mirror and my beauty products aren't scattered between my bedroom and the bathroom."

Genius!  I love how she brainstormed and turned an old unwanted TV stand into something so useful and pretty.  It's great that she can stash extras in the little cubby, so they are out of sight and not taking up space on top.  Wonderful job Kerri!


  1. Jackie! You called Kerri, Christine at the end of your post! haha I love this vanity week! Great work out of you! Kerri is actually my neighbor and I told her reach out to you about her sweet vanity she made. She makes everything, she made her own headboard for her bed and a gigantic white rug for her floor.


  2. i love creative people! that file cabinet ala vanity is FABULOUS!

  3. Thanks so much for including me! Great series!