Blogger Vanities-Part 4

We have lots of eye candy today ladies!  Today we have the vanities of Christine of Just Bella, Liz of Lizzy Punch, Hilary of Hilary Inspired, Elena of Breakfast for Dinner and reader Milly!

"Call me lazy, but I always like to sit when I get ready in the morning.  I'm not really much of a morning person and all that effort to stand while doing my makeup seems like such a waste of energy, haha!  So when I found the perfect vanity at HomeSense I was beyond excited to whip up my girly little corner.  I combined some elements I already had, some vintage touches like the mirrored tray and lipstick holder, add in a trip to IKEA and I was set!  My makeup drawer used to be a sorry, sorry sight so looking into these pretty organized drawers everyday makes me so happy!   Beautiful and organized? Yep, this is pretty much my dream little nook ;) "
  Christine, Just Bella

"My dresser is my vanity and I have many storage solutions on it.  I use it to keep my bracelets, earrings, rings, and perfumes in order.  The blue dish was purchased in Portland for $5 and was originally from Turkey.  My small perfume collection rests atop a mirror that was also thrifted for $2.  I re-purposed a deviled egg tray as storage for my small pairs of earrings, it was $2 at a yardsale, I even sort my earrings by color! Other earrings and bracelets are kept on the stand that my mom found at a discount store for $8.  The ring holder was a gift from my parents in the shape of a Dachshund like my two dogs back home.     That orange thing is actually a bird feeder but instead of birds it houses some chunky bracelets, it cost about $7.  The little dish holds tiny special things and was a gift from Argentina.  A little mix of eclectic and special items make my morning routine a little more special, and it didn't cost a lot to make a unique space, just a bit of imagination!"
-Liz, Lizzypunch

Hilary recently re-organized her spce, and this is what she had to say about it:

"It’s so much more enjoyable to pick out my accessories now that I’ve scaled back to just what I want and wear. By having more frequently used items close at hand and storing less popular pieces, I’m able to make quicker, more satisfied decisions. Not to mention it just looks better. Yipee!"
-Hilary, Hilary Inspired

"This is my jewelry board and frame tray. My mom got me the bulletin board and I decided having all the baubles out in eyesight is much easier than storing in a drawer. I got the idea for the tray made from a frame from Real Simple a year ago...[and] found a gorgeous pink paisley scrapbook paper to fill the frame."
-Elena, Breakfast for Dinner

Lovely reader Milly sent me these photos of her vanity.  Would you look at all those baubles!  And I'm quite jealous of her book collection...

Thank you ladies for sharing your beautiful spaces with us!


This rounds up our peak into bloggers' vanities.  I'm glad you have enjoyed these pretty little scenes and I hope they have left you inspired to create your own!  I'm pretty sure I got everyone that emailed me in, but if I missed you, or if you are just joining in and have a vanity you have posted about on your blog that you would like to share, please add your link on the link list below.  It is very easy to do, and that way we can all stop by and say hello!  I will leave the link list open for a week or so as well, so if any of you put a spot together over the weekend, come back and link up! We would love to see it!

Okay girlies, this may be the end of our sneak peaks, but it definitely is not the end of Vanity Week!  I have a few more posts in store, as well as a Vanity Week Finale Giveaway coming up tomorrow.  You won't want to miss this one-trust me!


  1. okay i'm so glad i didn't participate in this...these vanities are all so nice! wayyyy better than mine. i'm envious.

  2. These are all so beautiful! Thank you so much for including me, Jackie!! I'm loving Vanity Week!!

  3. So fun! Jackie, thanks so much for including me!

  4. Oh Christina puts us to shame! Just kidding I wouldn't trade my vanity for anyone's that what makes it personal! Thanks so much for having me Jackie! I hope you do more of these in the future!

  5. Loving getting a glimpse of all these girlie spaces! I adore the first one and that lucite chair!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  6. These vanity posts make me so happy - I'm saving all the pics for my inspiration board!

  7. love them all....thanks you for including mine..i feel famous lol

  8. Just Bella's is gorgeous. Perfection.

  9. I love that first one! I would be thrilled if it could just be transported into my home :)