Blogger Vanities-Part 3

Moving right along with our peaks into blogger's vanity spots, today we have Lindsay of Starfish and Sundresses, Leah of The Way We Are,  and Jill, The Good Life For Less.

"Hi SPPN readers! I'm flattered that Jackie asked me to share a little snapshot of my vanity with you! I have to admit, calling it a vanity makes me feel very glam but in reality it's just my half of the bureau. I suppose I'm even using the term vanity loosely because mine is more about baubles than makeup and perfume. The print was an ebay find that I just love even though the boyfriend thinks her fox fur stole is creepy. Currently she's holding some of my more delicate necklaces. The dress form stand I've had since high school and I think is from PB Teen. It's great to be able to see all of my earrings so easily but to be honest, you can usually find me in pearl studs. Boring I know! Cocktail rings, more earrings, and favorite perfumes are scattered on small dishes I've found on flea market adventures and an initial cup houses my lipglosses (it's an addiction!) I hope you've enjoyed a peek at my little vanity. Thanks again to Jackie for asking me to participate!"

"First of all thank you so much for having me Jackie! I am so honored to be here! I love having fellow blogging Mama's to reach out too that have the same obsessions that I do! ; )  My vanity has only recently come together. I am the sort of person that is constantly rearranging and redoing things. So when Jackie asked me to show you all my vanity I went into turbo trying to rearrange ever thing to be "presentable" to you all! The desk itself does not have a lot of table space, with the two side compartments. So I wanted to find a cute little antique tray to reign in all the little goodies that every vanity should have. I also needed a mirror with character which I believe no mirror should be without and then all it needed were a few little trinkets. After I decided what I needed I headed off to my go to place the GW a.k.a the Goodwill. I found the mirror that I fell in love with for $12 and the tray for $9!  All together with a few other little trinkets my little mini makeover came out to $23.  The space before was just kinda empty but now I actually want to sit down and make the whole experience of getting ready enjoyable!  Thanks again for having me!"

{P.S. After this interview was sent, Leah's sister found a stool in her rental property and gave it to Leah to spruce up for her vanity.  You can check out the transformation here.  Awesome job Leah! }

"My little vanity area is right between my bathroom (to the right) and closet (to the left) so it's convenient for the back and forth that happens from each room every morning!  It is a small two drawer Campaign-style dresser that I refinished. It includes a jewelry tree from Ikea, a vintage silver footed tray and an anthro egg tray (which just cracked a few weeks ago - so sad!) to hold all of my little pieces.  Some of my favorites are the Voluspa Lilac candle (for whenever I need a "zen" moment), The Sartorialist book (for when I need a dose of inspiration) and in general I love the bright and bold colors that I choose for jewelry that I don't usually choose for my clothing.  It is very inspiring to stand before this little dresser each morning!"

Thank you to these three lovely ladies for sharing your goodies!


I appreciate all the emails with links and photos of your vanities!  I will do my best to post them all, but there are only so many blogging hours available in this momma's life, so I will be posting a link-list opportunity tomorrow for you all to link up!  I didn't anticipate such a high response- I am thrilled! Thanks sweeties!


  1. Thanks for having me girl! And I am in such good company today... I just love all these peeks into other ladies' stylish lives!

  2. Thanks again for asking me to participate! So much fun and I love checking out everyone's spaces. xx

  3. cant choose a favorite today! love them all!

  4. really loving this series, great idea!

  5. These are all gorgeous - thank you for sharing ladies!

  6. ahhh, i have to get my picture taken and sent to you- i am so so so sorry!

    Now that I see these mine is going to look so shamefull next to these beauties :)

  7. Kinda in love with Lindsay's half of the dresser! That blue wall is gorg and I wanna steal all her jewelry!

    Oh and awesome series Jac! I'd love to have my pretties sitting out but my stupid cat would have a field day with them. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS SEBBI!

  8. i am so loving this whole vanities thing you've got here. i was picturing those huge tacky sitting ones where the mirror is huge & the really fashionable mom is sitting at it applying her perfume while at the same time ignoring her children. (old movies...) but you have proven me wrong! i love the ones you've been featuring & they definitely are all inspirational!

    p.s. oh, & thank you so so much for the really nice comment you left for my guest post over at jill's blog. you made me smile - more like huge teeth baring grin - & it really made my day. you rock girl. definitely rock.