Blogger Vanities-Part 2

Today we have the vanities of bloggers Erin of Perfect Sentiment, Maggie of Maggie Rose and Joanna of Lifestyle Bohemia.

"My vanity is also serves as my bedside table. It holds my current reading material, iPhone (I use it as my alarm clock), lotion, a throwback photo of my sweetheart, but mostly it's where I keep my jewelry. From first glance, it's really not that exciting, but I do love it. The table was my very first grown-up furniture piece. I purchased it for myself as a college graduation present. The little wooden plate is a souvenir from an outdoor market in Amsterdam. The little ceramic tray with my hair clips on it is a childhood art project of my husband's. I use the little perfume bottle from his grandmother as a daily ring holder. And I just love the little birdie necklace tree, even though it has absolutely no sentimental value. (I got it from Forever 21 for a few bucks :-) The plan is to get a little bench for the space when we get around to redoing our master bedroom, but for now, this is my spot."

"I use the top of my dresser (painted light gray and with new knobs) for jewelry storage and to hold my perfume. My perfume stays on this silver tray along with a pretty candle holder (that I got at Borders Books years ago). The clock is glass and is from Venice (a gift from a friend). The agate is just for decoration, but the colors are so pretty! The silver cup is my baby cup - it is engraved with my name and birthdate, and happens to be handy at holding earrings :) I have a jewelry box from Pottery Barn that I got on clearance a few years ago and had an "M" engraved on the glass lid. Necklaces hang on two hooks from Anthropology. The mirror I found at an antique store for like $30 last fall and painted white. Even though Ryan and I share the dresser, the top is my girly domain."
Maggie, Maggie Rose

"I use one of my bedroom dressers as a vanity. As you can see from the photos, I am a minimalist and I hate clutter. The mirror is from Ikea. I love it so much that I also placed the same mirror on my living room bar. I keep all of my favorite jewelry out in the open on this iron display stand from Pottery Barn Teen so that I don't forget what I have when I am accessorizing. The tribal print dish is a recent purchase from West Elm. On it I have my favorite rings which I alternate everyday, and my two favorite perfumes - Aqualina Pink Sugar and Burberry Brit. The white milk glass jar is a vintage piece I found on Etsy and I use it to hold little trinkets.  Jackie, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your vanity series!"
{Pssst, most of her lovely jewelry comes from her shop Brooklyn Thread-check it out!}
Thanks for sharing ladies!


  1. Ohhh! Pretty. I love the sunburst mirror and the bright pink print on the wall (see it in the reflection of the mirror) is awesome! The white accessories really pop off the dark dresser and dark walls. So fun!

  2. Wow I love the last one! And how cute is the title "Blogger Vanities"?!!

  3. Those are so so so pretty...I am in love with Joanna's jewelry:)


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