Announcing: Vanity Week on SPPN

You're so vain...I bet you think this post is about you! Don't you? Don't you?  HA! Happy Monday, sweeties! I am excited to announce the kick off a fun little departure from the usual weekly schedule here on the blog.  This week will be devoted entirely to vanities!

Vanities, as in the pretty little feminine corners of ones bedroom/bathroom/closet that hold girly treasures such as perfumes, makeup, jewelry and the such.  I've pronounced my love for them before, and decided to devote a whole week to indulging in our girly sides here on SPPN.  I have lots in store for you, including peeks at some of my favorite blogger's vanity areas, vanity "formulas" and shopping guides, and more.  Perhaps there will even be a little giveaway at the end of the week? (hint, hint) 

 If you would like to participate, and have a vanity area in your home you would like to share, please email me your pictures no later than this Wednesday, October 27 and I will include them in a post this week.  If you have already have a post on your blog pertaining to your vanity, I will also be including a link-up at the end of the week, so we can come over to your place and check it out!

To kick things off, here are some vanity inspirations I drummed up for you:

Inspired? Me too! So be sure to check back all this week for more vanity fun.

images 1-6 via we heart it, images 7-13 via decorpad , images 14-19 via The Selby


  1. Okay... I totally have to get you pictures this week! I was thinking about it this weekend. Although, these photos are TOUGH acts to follow! (maybe I'll spruce mine up just a touch before snapping it!)

  2. I love this idea and can't wait to see everyone's vanities!

  3. Love, love, LOVE this idea!!! I was the one who turned their desk into vanity when I was 8! :) I have had a love affair with them ever since!

  4. AKA The best week ever.

    So excited to be part of it! Even though I can't really compete with these others (haven't started collecting perfumes yet...) Can't wait to see the others :)

  5. go check out camilla at high heeled foot in the doors blog today!

  6. I love this idea - there is something so sweet and girl about the perfect little vanity area!

    I have some of these exact images save in my inspiration folder!!

  7. Love this! I am needing inspiration for how to store/display bracelets!

  8. Vanities are awesome! :) Am thinking about putting something similar in my bedroom...we'll have to see....thanks for the inspiration! :))))