Unique Lighting Choices

I wanted to share a few pendants and chandys I have been saving from my random searches of lighting websites.  It's become a bit of a past time for me, looking for lighting that I haven't already seen a million times over.  Check out these beauts:

I'm loving neutral, earthy, brassy tones right now (Hello Fall!) so that is obviously reflected here in my choices. 

Many of these come from a website I stumbled upon called Interior HomeScapes.  Lots of pretty, albeit pricey, home accessories on that site.  I'm talking magazine holders for over $400 pricey. Yeah.

How are you feeling about interior lighting choices these days?  Any styles you love/love to hate?

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  1. I'm really into modern chandeliers, like this one:

    I'd love to find one in a rectangular shape with lots of dropped bulbs, does that make sense? ;)

  2. I love your picks, the curling iron wreath light is my favorite...!

  3. Big fan of the one in the bottom right corner. Your post inspired me to restart my hunt for a new outdoor pendant style light for our front porch.