Sweet Deals: Elle Decor for Kohls

I popped in Kohls this morning to buy some Kim Kardashian perfume (don't judge-that shiz smells gooood) and of course wandered over to the home goods section.  And what to my wandering eyes did appear-but a new accesories collection by Elle Decor!  I didn't buy anything, but the stuff was pretty cute.  Here are a few faves:


  1. oh I didnt know they did the decor stuff as well..I know about the clothing! i freaking love kohls...EVERYTHING eventually is ay leasy 75 percent off..i always scoop up the LC Lauren conrad stuff when it goes on sale, as welll as the work out clothes...last week I scored nike shorts for 4.50!

    I will have to check it out..those flowers look like they would be perfect for my desk!

  2. Oh man that stuff looks great! I never ever shop there, I don't know why. I will be stopping by FOR SURE though soon!

  3. i KEEP forgetting to stop by Kohls - i gotta check this stuff out in person!

    PS - GIVE-AWAY going on - just wanna spread the love!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. I haven't been to Kohls in a while so now is time! I love that owl and you have sparked my curiosity in the Kim K perfume as well. I never trust the ads in the magazines because they never smell exactly like what it does and who knows once it hits your skin!


  5. OH I heard about this and I am so excited to check it out! What a great idea!


  6. Did you see Meg's post about this the other day? Ya'll were of like minds! I really need to stop in to see if they have this and Lauren Conrad's collab!