SPPN Top 10: Sweaters

I have some major sweater shopping to do this season, as the ones I own have pretty much been run ragged over the past few years.  A good thing there are so many great options this year.  I find myself drawn to these particular styles:


These are fun and polished and can be dressed up or down.

Cape Style

I've seen a cape style sweater from H&M on the interwebs that I am going to go check out in the store tomorrow.  The one pictured above is from Old Navy.  I love that these let your long sleeves show, so you can wear a punchy colored top underneath to add some fun to the mix.  I wouls wear one with skinny jeans (or jeggings if you dare) and tall-as-you-wish boots.

Boyfriend Cardi

Always a classic.

Dolman Sleeved

Very similar in look to a cape style.  I love me some Dolman sleeves.


On my must-haves for the season.  I'm obsessed with one by Free People that I saw on Ashley Tisdale-but it's way over my budget.  I did a "look for less" of the outfit over on the 100* Inspirations blog-check it out!


Practically like wearing a blankie!  Only this way it's socially acceptable!  Win-win.

Embellished Shoulder

Another style I have been seeing a lot of lately is the embellished shoulder.  I like that it adds a bit of interest, but still keeps the piece versatile, rather than an all-over print.  

As always, click on each product to be directed to the retailer.

Now, I know I won't be able to invest in all of my favorites-so help a girl out.  Which few should I choose?


  1. Yes please to all of them! I wish it would cool down so I could wear some new sweaters!

    p.s. I am having an Ann Taylor Loft giveaway if you haven't already entered! xo

  2. loving the old navy & loft. i think ann taylor loft always has great sweaters for value & quality.
    hey did you see CHICO's new line of sweaters??? very Chanel like. i am usually not a fan of chico's stores, but i will have to check them out too. because i love me some faux chanel!
    that's all i could afford. HA!

    have a super day.

  3. really loving slouchy and cape style so cozy cant wait for chilly sweater wearing weather!!

  4. I love the borfriend and slouchy styles. I cannot wait to get more sweaters. Great choices all around, have fun shopping!

  5. Ooooooh, love them all, but I'm drawn to the dolman sleeves/cape sweaters and the military ones. Chic chic chic.

  6. I have my eye on a cape sweater and a few boyfriend styles... I just LOVE buying sweaters for fall!

  7. I am in such a sweater mood. If it only it weren't 94 degrees. :)

  8. I love all of your selections! I will definitely be adding a cape-style cardi to my Fall wardrobe this year.

  9. I want one of each, in every color!

    Except maybe the military ones, I'm not feeling those so much.

  10. I am WAY low on sweaters this year too! Love those cardies!

  11. I love the cape, boyfriend and slouchy! I own far too many boyfriend ones, but not one single cape. I must remedy that!

    Oh, and I just returned the V.S. sweater this morning. I had bought it a couple of weeks ago and it's kind of itchy. Just fyi in case you were looking to buy it.