SPPN Top 10: Side Tables

A nice side table can add big style to an otherwise overlooked little corner of a room.  They are great placed next to a comfy reading chair, or on either side of the sofa, to hold books, drinks, remotes, etc.  Matching side tables on either end of a sofa remind me of little earrings.  That should be an SAT question: side tables are to sofas as earrings are to ____________.  I would make a great SAT answer maker.  I wonder where I could sign up for that?

Here are my top 10 (plus a few extras cuz I like you):

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  1. wow, i love every single one!!! great finds!

  2. great eye! - i still dunno what i wanna do with side tables in my livingroom and bedroom - *augh*

    PS - come on by - my first GIVE-AWAY is going on - $45 worth of goodiness!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. that clear acrylic pedestal table from Wisteria has got to be my favorite side table of all time...if only someone could make a knockoff version that only cost a 1/4 of the price!

  4. Thanks for sharing the top 10 tables! I am looking for side tables for my master bedroom.


  5. you are too funny. good picks. I'm on the hunt for the perfect one...

  6. Oh man, I love that wood block/lucite one from Jonathan Adler. Now ... how to scrape up $1200?!!

  7. Sigh. If only I could afford to get new side tables and coffee tables, I'd be a happy Mo.

  8. do you know how perfect your timing is?? i am on the hunt for the perfect side table for a trad leather wingback. some of these are GREAT options. thanks for posting!