Interior Infatuation: Michigan Farmhouse

I just got home from a three day antiquing/thrifting shopping spree up in Sonoma County with my family and can I just say I am still riding on that high?  I found SO. MUCH. AWESOME. STUFF. it is really unbelievable.  I was seriously going through all the bags and unwrapping things that I had forgotten I had even gotten-thats how much stuff I got.  So, lots of new Sweet Finds will be in the shop soon!

Every time we visit my parents I leave thinking, "we have got to move over here" and it renews my longing for my little dream home in the country (not that it ever goes away-it just fans the flames even more).  Coming home always leaves a little sinking feeling in my heart.  That isn't supposed to happen is it?  I take it as a sign that I am not in the right place, and I have been doing a lot of thinking about that lately.  But more on that train of thought later.  

So when I was catching up on emails I ran across this gem featured on houzz.com, and believe you me, it fanned the "i wanna live where the green grass grows" flames even more.  Check out this gorgeous renovated farmhouse in Michigan:

I mean, really.  How could you not love this face?

  Oh, just the perfect little mix of country and zig zag chic.  This room is so smug in its awesomeness.

Someone grab that gray, pink and yellow pillow and run.  Email me and I'll tell you where to ship it.  You just may receive a hefty reward.  

The odds are pretty high that this kitchen would make me instantly enjoy cooking.  And that is no easy feat.

Hot damn, this is one sweet dining area.  Check out the wire chandy above the table. Loves.

Another beauty shot of the dining area for you.  When the girls are old enough I definitely want a giant mirror to lean against a wall like this.


Mmmm hmmm.

I'm dying now.

I've officially been slayed.

You must be thinking "Geez Jackie, dramatic enough?"  I'm in a crazy thankgoditsalmostfallandiwannamovetothecountry induced frenzy right now.  So bare with me.  Fall always brings out the cozy cottage fangs in me.

All images via houzz.com.  Make sure to check out the full interview with the homeowners


  1. Where do I begin???

    1. Don't you at least want to VISIT Michigan??? Get. here!!
    2. Not all homes in Mich are this gorgeous...
    3. BUT, we hands down have the BEST summer and fall. No competition. (winter on the other hand... there is a lot of coziness involved)
    4. The exterior of my house has the same exact shape in the first picture and I want, want, want those metal roofs. I have forever. It's my version of the "cottage dream"!!!

    Also, come visit Michigan. I'll find you some cottagey goodness! :)

  2. that family/living room is something else. i love how perfect is it and it doesnt even look like its trying, if you know what i mean.

    gorgeous all of it, and looks like a 'real' home all at once.

  3. Move to Washington! You'd be freezing but you'd get to wear cute scarves all the time!

    Love the farmhouse look. So sweet and perfect for the season!

  4. Wow--I am right there with you. I live in NYC and dream about running away to the country sometimes...mostly just so I could have a big house to decorate. I think I'd get supremely bored once the renovation was complete though!

  5. There is not one thing I do not love about this house! I agree with ya, it's freakin perfection. I'd live in the dining area alone.

  6. are you kidding me?

    you know i'm in LOVE with this house. wow. look at how they mixed in new design fabrics & items with country shabby chic goodness. i LOVE this blend. it's so me. but not the michigan part.

    although, i have heard living by the lakes for summer & fall cannot be beat.
    what a treasure of a post.
    thanks for the eye candy.

  7. i am with you all the way. i am freaking out over this house. i would move to the country in a second!

  8. I love it! It looks like a great place to curl up with a good book, blanket and some hot chocolate :)