Interior Infatuation: Euro Treasure

I have a subscription to Country Living magazine, as I was trying to fill the void of my beloved Cottage Living mag {RIP}, and it's doing a pretty good job so far.  While sometimes it can get a wee bit too country for my taste, there are still many homes and ides that they share that are right up my alley.  I recently received the October 2010 issue and devoured that thing up!  It was a great issue.  I had to share this home with you, because when I turned the page to see it in the mag, my jaw dropped.  And some jaw dropping action is always cause for a share on the ol' blog!

So here we have a small, 1000 square foot home owned by a super stylish gal who works for a place called Euro Trash.  Euro Trash is a company that is "devoted to the unearthing of forgotten treasure and objects of beauty all over Europe."  Where do I sign up?  

This kitchen is what really got me.  I mean, the girl has a stuffed peacock on the top of her vintage turquoise refrigerator!  I don't think I could pull it off in my home, but it is fun to see nonetheless.  I also am in love with the color palette in here.  The gray, turquoise, brown and white all compliment each other so nicely.  She is also a fan of high and low-mixing ikea barstools with a custom made kitchen island from Euro Trash and an antique Belgian chandy.

This is her basement that she turned into a wine cellar/dining room.  This is one fab gal for sure!  The crates along the wall are grape gathering crates that she simply stacked and rested the wine bottles in.  

Ready for some more fabulosity?  Homegirl turned a spare room in her house into a dressing room.  I'm always so envious when people can do this.  Can you just imagine having your own girlie getaway to try on clothes and pamper yourself with your luxury perfumes, and pick out which Louis you want to carry for the day?  And get a load of this-that ottoman is upholstered in pink denim fabric she got at Walmart.  Doesn't it look like a million bucks??  And the Union Jack rug?  Oh, she just spray painted that herself.  No biggie.

And here is her bedroom: head to toe opulence.

In case you are wondering what the girl looks like that lives here, a found a cute pic of her on the Euro Trash site:

Adorbs.  And here is a quote she leaves you with in the mag article:  "I say, wear a fancy dress, even if you have no place to go!  You can make every day a special occasion."

Yeah, I guess I could if my life consisted of getting paid big bucks for gallivanting around Europe unearthing treasures.  Jealous much? 

Interior images from Country Living mag, October 2010


  1. I love this spread -- her color palette is perfection!

  2. I loved her color choices in that article because they were so unexpected.

  3. Seriously? That's her life? Ohhhhh Jackie, where did I go wrong??? I need a turquoise fridge like now!

  4. Beautiful home, and her dress sense is impeccable too. Lovely post, cheers for sharing. xo

  5. I so thought of you when I saw this article! Love the wall color and dying over the basement dining (wonder if the stairs down there are decent though?)

    I did, however, HATE the jumpsuit she's wearing in the feature. Barf. She's cute - why ruin it with a strapless jumpsuit? I don't understand.

  6. Yeah, this is just not fair. I'm totally jealous! Ha ha! So great though. Trying to figure out how to create that in my home.

  7. Could she be any cuter!?!? And I love that bedroom! I sort of want to just crawl in with a book :)