Interior Infatuation: Bold Rustic Dining Room

Another Monday is here, but this one isn't so manic because it's my birthday! He-yo! I'm going to be spending the day doing whatever it is I please, and that's because my mom is here to visit and my husband took the day off work.  Spoiled, I am, and I love it.  I thought of playing hooky here on the blog, but felt it just wasn't right to do on a day of such importance. So, I whipped up a little sumethin' sumthin' I like to call "Bold Rustic Dining Room".  Yeah. Put that in you pipe and smoke it.

I fell in major love with this dining table spotted on Interior Homescapes (you know-the one with the $400 mag holders), and in true way-overpriced form, this table comes in at a whopping $6,612.80.  But it is definitely the closest dining table that has ever come to perfect in my book.

You may remember the pendant lamp from my "Unique Lighting" round-up last week.

I think these upholstered chevron/zebra-esque chairs would look great around the table.

As an accent wall, I would use this stencil-it gives the effect of wallpaper without all the work.  Not that stenciling a wall is any cake walk.  (That's birthday speak.)

This console has a great shape-and it's from Sears! Wha?  Belly it up to the stencil wall.

Finally, mount these super cool snake and beetle plates over the console for a dash of the unexpected.  Fill the rest in with other stuff you love, because who am I to tell you exactly what to do?

You like?


  1. happy birthday Jackie....hoping you have a very happy fun day!!!

  2. happy b-day! - that table is INSANE - love it!

  3. genius! I just love this "room"! Happy Birthday to you girlfriend! Have an amazing day, I know you will! And here's to many more "29"s!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jackie!!!! I hope it's a fabulous day!

  5. Happy B-day, Jack-aaaaay - have a great one!!! Loves loves loves the snake and beetle plates. I don't know what it is with me - I LOATHE them in real life, but can't get enough of them in design (especially jewelry).

    Okay, this is weird - as I'm typing this, I would swear you were in my dream last night. I have no idea in what capacity - I just recall that you were in it.

    I swear, I am not a stalker.


  6. Happy Birthday! Love EVERYTHING in that picture.

  7. happy birthday! cute stuff. I want that match holder on your other page (i really am looking for one...non-smoker too).