SPPN Top 10: Mirrors

Jackie is still computer-free so it's Maggie here again with this week's SPPN Top 10. I've been dreaming of adding a new mirror to our dining room to bring in some extra light, so I decided to round up some of the lovelies I've seen. Of course my style tends to exceed my budget (le sigh), but let's take a gander anyway, shall we? Some of these (as a one-time purchase, at least) aren't TOO terribly expensive.

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Clearly I'm loving round mirror right now - they are almost never crooked! Most of these ones were in the pricier range (a few hundred dollars to about $500). But the pretty sunburst mirror is only $100 and will likely NEVER go out of style. In fact, all of these except maybe the hot pink pagoda will look pretty timeless. And in 20 years, spraypaint that hot pink a white or gold and it will be looking like new. At least that's the argument I would use when talking MY man into it!

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A few more bargains in this batch - the frameless option in the corner is a breezy $30. It would look pretty in a dressing room, little girl's bedroom, in the bathroom (hang over a full-wall mirror for some double-trouble), or in the hall. Everyone else is about $200-300 but who can resist a Greek key? And that porthole style? Yum. The driftwood one, well... I might be tempted to DIY that one!


  1. Lovely selections! I've been loving sunburst mirrors lately. Trying to somehow incorporate one into my home.

  2. the white one...yes, yes, YESSS!!!

    i want it and i want it bad. hmmm but where would i put it?

  3. LifestyleBohemia,

    Sunburst mirrors are SO classic. I see them a lot over headboards, in hallways (at the "end" of the hall) or as part of a gallery-style art arrangement.

    Bananas - isn't that always the question? I just have trouble picking a favorite!

    xo Maggie

  4. these are fantastic finds:) Love the circle mirror trend going on:)