Party time

Hey everyone, it's Maggie from Maggie Rose. Well Jackie is having MAJOR computer problems and she asked me to swing by and babysit the blog while it all gets hammered out (perhaps literally!)

So while the cat's away, the mice will play :) Isn't that the saying? Or perhaps, while Mom & Pops are gone for the weekend, it's time to throw a major bash? Sounds fun, but whatever shall we wear?

I have a few ideas....

Hopefully Jackie makes it back in time for the party because I think she'd look smashing in outfit #1! In the meanwhile, I'm Maggie and I'll be around :)


  1. Yay, Maggie!! :) I am totally down to party... and I'll be wearing outfit #3.

  2. I love the Gillian sandal! I would wear outfit # 3:)