My Entry-A Lesson in Perserverance

My entry has officially come the bane of my existence.  I've been planning a re-do for what seems like forever (check out my planning posts here and here-from almost a year ago!), but nothing has gone according to plan.  First off here is the before:  

If you read my posts above, I wanted to make this little alcove a seating area.  So when I finally made the decision to purchase the white bench I had found for the space, it had sold out online.  I couldn't find another like it for the same low price, so I kind of just gave up and forgot about it for awhile. 

 Cue to several months later and I got the entry itch again.  Having the short attention span I have, I decided to forget the seating and move on to the paint.  I wanted to paint it gray.  I researched and ruminated over gray paints for days on end, staring until I was glossy eyed at all my paint samples.  Do you realize how many variations of gray are out there?  Some have a lot of white in them, some look silver, some have a brown tint, some have a blur tint, some have a purple tint.  I just wanted GRAY.  Like-bam this is bonafide gray right here.  i was perplexed.  Eventually I color-matched it to my favorite purse.  Why not, right?

Where fashion meets interior design at it's best.  I call it "Favorite Purse Gray".  Creative huh?  It actually has a real name, and I didn't color match it exactly at those machines, I just picked the gray paint chip closest to it.  I'm lazy, remember?  I didn't want to lug my purse down to Home Depot yet again to get it matched when I had a ton of samples in front of me already.  At first I thought it was a bit dark for the small space-because 9 times out of 10 paint looks darker once it covers an entire wall-but it has grown on me.  My entry is it's own little space, so I think it is okay to go a little more dramatic than you would in a heavily used space like the family room or kitchen.   

So here is a close-up of the hooks I finally ended up getting-they are from Target.  This was another thing I pondered on forever.   I was thinking of ordering those cute little animal head ones from Anthro, or some black & white striped ones from Anthro, but in the end I went the cheaper route and bought this one.  But I like it, with it's pretty sparkly aqua knobs. 

Okay, on to the next fiasco-the bench.  I decided to order a gray and white striped bench by Dwell from Target online.  I was super stoked thinking "Oh yeah, this is going to match perfect and look so great! Yadda yadda!"  Well, it arrived and looked like this:

Cute, yes, but it didn't fit the space tight enough-nor was it tall enough for my liking.  Yes, I did measure, but sometimes you think it will work until it is actually there in the space and you can see it for yourself.  The other problem was that the lidded top wouldn't open without pushing the bench out from the wall each time you opened it.  AND- final complaint-it was pretty shoddy workmanship: the fabric was thin, see-through and puckered in places that puckering should not have been happening.  It was around $200 for crying out loud.  Shame on you Dwell for Target! Okay, so that puppy was returned-luckily we were able to take in to the store and did not have to ship it back.  

On to what I have settled on: an outdoor bench from World Market:

This baby fits in the nook snug as a bug in a rug.  Love it.  And I think it was around $150, so it was a bit cheaper than my original options.  Now believe me when I say I was trolling Craigs and all the local thrift shops to find the perfect bench, but nothing worthwhile ever came up.  I usually don't have the best luck with secondhand furniture around these parts.

So for now, here it sits with a few pillows.  The aqua pillows are from Burlington Coat Factory (they sell more than just coats!) and were $9 each.  The little white and brown pillow is super old Dwell for Target.  I plan on sewing a pad for the bench too, with an as of yet undecided cool fabric.

 The little chevron rug underneath is from Kohls.  But of course it bugs me that it is too small, so I will probably get a replacement.  What I also want to do is find a couple of baskets that fit perfectly underneath to hold our shoes.  

The art piece above the bench is also from Kohls-I got it on clearance for $30.  Not sure if that is going to stay their either-I would like a horizontal piece or perhaps a gallery wall of family photos.  We'll see.

So now on the other side of the wall, which used to be a blank space, I have moved our console table:

I will eventually be painting it-more than likely white- and buying some cute knobs from Anthro like these to replace the silver ones.

The chalkboard above used to be a mirror, and was a DIY I did and posted about here.

The lamp is from the Alameda flea for $30.  I still need to have it re-wired, hence it is not plugged in.  I'm cool off starting a house fire over shoddy old azz wiring.  The lamp shade is one I had already.  I can't decide if  it looks too small or not-what do you think?  I kinda think it looks cute.  If I keep it on I am going to add some sort of ribbon trim on it-either a fun color or a greek key pattern.  Otherwise I will buy a linen shade.  I would also like to buy two garden stools for underneath the console.

Meet Harry the houseplant.  Harry is unfortunately no longer with us.  But he was glorious while he lasted.  Rest in peace Harry. 

So there you have my partially finished entry re-do.  I think my last little tweaks will really hit it out tha ballpark.  


  1. Great job; I love the transformation!

    Question: Do you recall where you bought that console table? I've been searching for one for my entry way and I'm not even kidding-- the style you have is what I've been imagining. Sleek, long, narrow width and stylish legs.


  2. I love how soothing the gray is and that bench that fits perfectly!! i say "snug as a bug in a rug" everyday, you made me laugh! really looks great jackie, thanks for sharing.

  3. Love that gray! Do you want my suggestions? Probably not. I like that piece of art above the bench. What would look cool and incorporate your other idea would be to add stacked identically framed family photos on either side of it.

    Yes, the lamp shade is unfortunately a bit too small. But I ADORE that lamp!! Great find!
    The console will look amazing when painted! What about the palest of aquas to pull the sparkly hook color??
    Sorry, for the unsolicited ideas!

    Great job!

  4. Wow! I was first going to say that the "before" doesn't look so bad. But now after seeing what you've done - amazing! I love the color scheme - nice job!


  5. I think it all looks great! Love the bench and the art above it.

  6. Lovin' it, Jackie. I think the console painted white with those adorable Anthro knobs would be PERFECTION! I really like the outdoor bench... Cushions in a patterned fabric would be great. Hang in there... :) I know how grueling it can be to decorate and redecorate.... and redecorate. :)

  7. I love your "favorite gray purse" walls, and the cute little sparkly coat rack is so pretty, never would've guessed Target, I have to check mine out and see if they have it!

  8. It's totally working so far - love the idea of the baskets under the bench and I think the wall color is perfect!

    I agree that the lamp shade is a bit too small - a big drum shade would look amazing. If you're painting the table, will you also be painting the lamp? I could totally see it in the teal of the pillows from the bench with a big black shade.

  9. It's so funny, I was actually thinking about your entry re-do last night when I sent you that email. And here it is. It looks great! Excellent work. LOVE Favorite Purse Gray. And you're right, I think you last few tweaks will be superb.

    Oh, and I heart the Alameda flea. I haven't been there for almost a year, but I'm planning on going back soon. Maybe October??? I'll start saving my pennies. Although I've been giving them to Hudson, so I may have to dive into his piggy bank.

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  11. ok, lots of loves. your purse for one! the gray it matched. we have gray in our living room and it looks purple and gray in our master bedroom and its so light its white. UGH.

    the dwell bench is cute! but thanks for a solid review. i will be steering clear.

  12. I just bought that same outdoor bench at Costplus on sale for $70 .. sorry :( and it is in my entryway as well.. I was planning on making a pad for it too.. I like your rug idea though :)

  13. AmyV123 - I'm more than positive that the console table came from Target once upon a time. I have -I'm 99.9% sure- the same table that I bought a few years ago from there.

    Love the redo & I think gray is way under-appreciated!

    ♥ - Kat.

  14. Oh I love it!! It's so divine, but also so crisp and fresh.

    PS I thought it looked great 'before', but your 'after' totally blew me away.

  15. The long ottoman is cute there, but I love the bench there! Nice choice of pillows too =]

    Just Better Together

  16. I liked the before better. It was more inviting and cheerful.