Interior Pretties

Hey SPPN readers, Maggie here with some interior eye candy. Let's just take a moment to oooh and ahhh, shall we?

From Domino

From Furbish Studio
Seen on The Lil Bee
The apartment of Nicole of So Haute

I'm also dying to share photos from the new Lonny, but I think Jackie will want to do that when she gets her computer all fixed!


  1. Jackie/Maggie, that first room is one of my faves of all time. I love that space. So simple and easy, like a bedroom should be. Ahhhh. J, I hope your computer has a speedy recovery. I know you have blogging withdrawal!! :) xxoo

  2. Hey Sweet Girl!
    Got my new design up and going!
    Can be ready for that HOME post soon if you like!
    Just checkin!
    And I do hope I can re~trace that detailed email of what I need to do!
    Love your blog!