If These Walls Could Talk: Shannon of Shannanigans

Dudes.  It's Monday.  I have another home tour for you.

But first, a tad about my weekend:
Had a crazy one consisting of tons of necessary house and yard cleaning (including the carpets-omg, it was disgusting seeing how dirty the water was when we poured it out of the machine) and tons of necessary alcohol consumption.  Had the best drink eva called "Strawberry Fields Forever"-I figured anything named after one of my favorite songs must be good. And it was.  It had strawberries (duh), vodka, basil and some other stuff I can't recall in it.  So good on so many levels.

Okay, on with the tour.  Today we have Shannon of the really super funny and rad blog Shannanigans. If you need a good laugh, head over there my friends.  Lately she has been posting all kinds of goodies about her home, recipes and the upcoming arrival of baby numero uno!  All right, get your nosy noses on, cause here we go...

Hey guys!  I'm Shannon from the aptly-named Shannanigans.  I was super honored (and secretly questioning Jackie's sanity) when she asked me to participate in another awesome SPPN series.  She rules, doesn't she?  Anyway, back to the matter at hand...

I, along with my husband John and our cat Sebastian, live in a 90 year old converted farmhouse in the historical town of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.  It's in the heart of the Brandywine valley, where the Battle of the Brandywine was fought and the DuPont's made their insane fortunes.  Besides the great school district for our first soon to be wee one, we're super convenient to both Philadelphia, for anything you can think of, and downtown Wilmington, DE for all those tax free shopping excursions.   

We fell in love with this house last year and made an offer.  We loved the manageable amount of land (about half an acre), the nooks and crannies the house boasted, the original hardwood floors and the open floor plan.
This was going to be our "forever" house, so we pictured it filled with lots of kiddos and family celebrations....and it worked.  The downstairs is one big circle, perfect for tiring out little ones running around in circles.  The kitchen overlooks the breakfast and family rooms where I pictured handing out lunches to the husband on his way out the door and the kids slurping cereal before school.  There's even an in-law suite built onto the garage so that someday down the road, my lovely mama can move in and help us with her grandkids (her choice, I swear!)  Luckily, a year later, we're starting our dream house with a baby on the way...any day now!

When we moved in, I immediately did a little decorating, I didn't want to live in bare rooms for months, nor did I want to go overboard since it was brand new and I wanted it to come together over time.  Little by little I've been doing just that.

What was first an almost empty guest room became a nursery this year on a pretty strict budget.  My mom gifted us with the traditional Jenny Lind crib (the elusive non-dropside from Amazon!)  and we found the glider and ottoman on Craigslist for a steal.  

We also picked up this formerly white dresser on CL and gave it a coat or three of Behr's "Cherry Tart" paint.  Since we weren't finding out the sex of the baby, we wanted to go neutral without the greens and yellows, so we went with cream, red and aqua.

With a penchant for cute little birdies, our theme came together with the help of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds"

Lots of homemade artwork and crafts, along with a mobile built by myself and my self-proclaimed non-crafty friends, give the room the special little touches I wanted without going overboard.

Speaking of going overboard, that's one thing I couldn't do when giving our in-law suite a little makeover.  Since we no longer had a guest room because of the nursery, we needed a place to put up post-baby helpers and guests.  Also, since I was doing this while 8 months pregnant, I wasn't about to whip out the paint cans and rollers or pull up carpet.  I was going to work with what I had, which was builders beige walls and boring berber carpet.

With the help of a Maggie Rose inspiration board, I set off shopping at my fave discount stores like Home Goods, Ikea and Target, as well as my own basement.  

I think some of the biggest changes came from the DIY headboard and artwork.  I picked up a few frames from Ikea and printed some water lily photos for free from the web.  The headboard was a simple piece of plywood, some batting and cheap fabric, plus a staple gun.  In just a few short weeks it all came together and I'm kinda in love with the bargain basement makeover.

And finally, here is the area that sold us on this very house:

While we can love and appreciate our antique homestead, the problem is that older homes are often kinda small.  And ours was no exception.  The fact that the previos owners put this addition on to house a family and breakfast room sealed the deal.  It made it just big enough to be comfy for a growing family, but small enough to not overwhelm the maid (me).   

It gets a ton of light, but again, it came with the bland wall and carpet colors  that were in too good of shape to replace right away.  In fact, they were pretty much brand new.  And since my husband is of the "If it ain't broke..." school of thinking, these things were all staying.  So I went with a color scheme of reds, oranges and browns to go with the blah beige.  The kitchen table and chairs are from Ikea, while the family room furniture came from a local family-owned furniture store.

This whole room is still a work in progress though.  Eventually we want to get a great big entertainment center and make this the "hub" of the house.  Cartoons on the TV, action figures stuck between couch cushions, the whole nine yards.

Some of my other favorite spots in the house are...

Our office, which came in that perfectly cheery blue. I love the vintage carnival photos (from this etsy shop) that remind me of my childhood summers spent on the Jersey Shore.

My craft room!  I know I am beyond lucky to have one of these babies...have you noticed my penchant for bright orange Ikea Kassett storage boxes?

Dutch doors!  Or built-in baby gates as I call em...

And finally, the tiniest linen closet known to man.

So that's it!  Hope you enjoyed checking out our place.  And thank you Jackie for being the hostess with the mostess!

Gracias Shannon!  I was practically stalking her for a home tour after seeing her nursery in the making-adorbs.    Another crafty DIYer and bargain hunter.  Do you see a theme here with the home tours I've been posting? Love it.  Another theme I noticed was that Shannon was just as lucky as Kellie in snatching up an older home that has had an addition put on by a previous owner.  Major score ladies!  Make sure to drop by Shannon's blog to say wassup and send her some baby-havin wishes.  She is due at the end of this week!


  1. what a sweet and home-y home! I am drooling over the dutch doors! Fun tour... thanks Jackie and Shannan!

  2. 1. That drink sounds delish! The creatively named ones always taste the best.

    2. That house is beautiful! I love a cream-and-aqua scheme used as neutral, I get tired of seeing so much green and yellow.

    3. I made those same birds! I think they're so cute. I'm using mine for wedding decorations, but the mobile is so so cute. :)

  3. LOVE the walk-through! Those dutch doors are so fun.

  4. Love Shannon-- and getting a glimpse of her super cute house!

  5. Such a cute house!!! Love that nursery...
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Love the house and the unique, personal touches that make a house a home.

    I have to know about two details that caught my eye - the curtains and the white desk accessories (envelope holder and pencil cup). May I ask where you got them?

    Many thanks in advance!

  7. wow!!!

    she has some great accessories in her home.
    many wishes to her & the new baby. what a darling nursery to come home too!

    add ons in an old house that has such character are PRICELESS. ;)