Enjoyable Stuff

Last night my hubby and I spent an enjoyable evening outside after the girls were asleep just talking and enjoying a glass of wine. There was a nice breeze and we built a fire in the pit.  We don't do that nearly enough.  I'm hereby putting it on my "things that are enjoyable and should be done more often" list.  Right alongside eating goat cheese and watching Chelsea Lately.  Here is some more enjoyable stuff:    

This room-lost the credit, holla if you know it

This color palette-for fashion and interiors

Guess who is officially ready to embrace Fall?
Tell me-what is on your enjoyable list?


  1. HOLA!!!!

    i am so ready for FALL!

    i think i love everything about this season. it is fantastic in the south with all the trees & color.
    i love the change of clothes. socks, tights, sweaters, jeans, plaids...
    i love the food...
    i love the warmer drinks...;)
    i love the weather...
    more outdoor living, because the weather is cooler...
    i love Fall festivals....

    hmm. did i leave anything out??? ;)
    missed you while you were out. that first pic is fantastic. at our local thrift store they have a dresser/buffet very similar. but they are asking way too much for it. (in my opinion...) i'm waiting tho.

    take care, girlfriend.

  2. Oh YES, this girl is ready to embrace fall too, with wide open arms.

    So funny, I just bought the PW cookbook this morning...I bought it for a friend for a wedding shower gift earlier this summer, and meant to go back and get a copy for myself. Definitely on my list of "Enjoyable Stuff," too. ;) xo

  3. My niece is always making pioneer woman's chocolate sheet cake. It's so good! And I don't even like chocolate that much.

  4. I am SO ready for Fall. The hubs and I don't do date night enough. I find that enjoyable! Cocktails at our favorite beach side rooftop bar. Le sigh.