Currently Coveting: All Things Rachel Roy

I adore Rachel Roys line of clothing and jewelry;  it's the perfect mix of modern, bohemian, classic and edgy.  Affordable too-thanks to her Rachel Rachel Roy line (yes-two Rachel's, that is not a typo)  I've been seeing a ton of items from her Fall collections in the mags that are pretty amazing, but they aren't on her site yet. Here are a few of her currently available pieces I wouldn't mind having in my closet:  

{click on product for info}

On another note, Jill has just released her Fall 2010 looks:book.  For only $4.00 you can download a 15 page digital pdf filled to the brim with her top 10 fall wardrobe picks and 30 different outfit suggestions using those pieces.  She likens it to half wardrobe consult, half mini-mag.  Yes please! Click here to purchase.


  1. oh man, i just LOVE Rachel Roy too... such great talent and great prices! Thanks for the shout-out! :)

  2. Do not even get me started on Rachel Roy. I regularly peruse her website and drool. Love love LOVE her stuff.