Upcoming CSN Stores Reveiw

I'm sure you've seen these posts before in the blogosphere.  In the event you are living under a blog rock, let me introduce you to CSN Stores, an online company with over 200 sites selling things such as dining room tables, wall art, and lighting.  My favorite site of CSN has to be allmodern.com featuring home decor and furniture from the likes of Herman Miller, Dwell Studio, Missoni Home and Thomas Paul.  

When CSN asked me if I would like to review one of their products, I was all "heck yes!", but then I spent about fifteen weeks browsing through all their sites trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to review.  No easy feat choosing from all their great products. 

First I thought I would go for the ever-popular ZigZag pillow by Twinkle Living:

Then I thought I wanted to rock these adorbs shoes from Carlos Santana:

But, wait, I've been wanting a trellis for my garden too:

Alas, I took the non-selfish route and picked something that the girls would love-a 27 piece paint set and a roll of paper to paint on:

One of the activities I wanted to sign the girls up for this summer was Art Camp at the local museum, but it was $150 a kid for only three days!  So I have decided to put on my own Art Camp at home.  I'm going to make t-shirts for them to wear, and have different crafts for them every day.  I'm going to incorporate some artsy looking food into the camp too,  like maybe those rainbow layer cakes.  We'll see.  I'm going to start planning it this week.  So this paint set is going to be great for that!  Of course I'll let you know the results and give you all the deets afterwards.  If you have any favorite crafts to do with little ones (2 and 4) please leave me a comment!


  1. They have so many great things it would be hard to decide. Can't wait to see how you like the paint set.

  2. Those shoes would look fabulous on you! I can see what it would be hard to decide, that pillow makes me all happy inside too :)

    As far as art camp goes .... I just posted a few stories about a sidewalk chalk paint activity I did with my guys (1, 3 & 4). It's super simple (just 3 ingredients) and tons of fun.


    I'm just giving you the main link cause there are two posts about it. They should be post 2 & 3 on my site right now.

    My guys also love it when i cut cereal boxes to make them canvases, cover them in tin foil and let them just paint them or glue tissue paper on them.

    Have fun with Art Camp!

  3. Art camp sounds like fun! My daughters (3 & 1) and I recently took a sheet outside that we bought at a thrift store. I took a bunch of colors of paint & different ways to apply them (foam letters & numbers). I let them paint and get all messy. When they were done, they got hosed off, and now we have a colorful sheet to use for making indoor forts.