Suasalito Trip: What I Packed

I decided to take a few photos as I was packing for my trip today.  It actually really helped keep me focused and edit down my tendency to over-pack.  And since my girl Shannon responded in interest to my facebook update questioning if I should post pics or not-I figured I would.  I like to give my people what they want. 
So here is what I had to keep in mind:

We will be in the Sausalito area for three days and two nights.  We will be doing a lot of walking, so comfy shoes were a must.  The weather will be variable since we will be on the coast-chilly mornings and evenings, warming up during the afternoons-so I wanted to pack versatile layers.  We will also be going out to at least one nice dinner, so I needed a dressier outfit for that.  

Now, while I would love to have a wardrobe filled with expensive threads like in my coveting post, the sad reality is this gal is on a budget.  Not only is this gal on a budget, but this gal has to drag two little ones around with her shopping, which means I rarely go any further than my local shopping center with Target, Kohls and Payless Shoes.  Don't judge-I make it work.  At least I think I do!

Here is what I came up with:

1. Black tank dress-Target
This is a great everyday dress that can transition very easily from day to night by just switching up the accessories.
2. Printed maxi dress-Marshalls
This is a bit va-va-va-voom, and I have yet to wear it, so we will see if I am feeling brave enough.  This will more than likely be my going out for a nice dinner and drinks dress.
3. Printed short dress- H&M
I'm throwing in this extra dress as an option if I chicken out on wearing the maxi.

I probably don't need four tops for only three days (and I'm actually going to throw another one in there too), but I like to have a few options.  

1.  Printed sheer silk top-Kohls
2. Purple vneck boyfriend tee- Target
3. Embellished silk tank-Kohls
4. Printed cotton tank- Forever 21

1. Dark wash skinnies- Old Navy
2. White cropped skinnies that need to be ironed- Kohls
I can mix and match the hell out of these two pants with my top options
3. Black capri length leggings with the J-Lo booty- Target
I'm brining these to throw under my black dress during the day if I am too cold.

Denim jacket-Target
I just bought this last weekend on clearance for $12.  I have never owned one, so I am going to give it a whirl.  I needed a more "summery" jacket since it can still get pretty cool by the bay in July. I will have no use for it once I get back home, where it is 150 degrees all day and night.

Oh, this was so hard.  I have so many scarves, and I have come to know and love each one for their special personalities.  The ones I leave behind are going to be so pissed.  Sorry guys!  I ended up picking Mr. Neutral because he will pretty much go with everything, hence his name.

Swimsuit-Wal Mart-please bear with me
So I was in Wal Mart for groceries the other day and ran across this adorbs swimmie for only $12.  I couldn't resist.  Do I feel weird wearing a swimsuit from Wal Mart? A bit.  But any swimsuit that makes my boobs look good is alright in my book. 

1. white flip flops-Payless
2. Black cork-heeled wedges-Kohls
3. Berry flats-Target
All chosen for comfort and summery vibe

 1. Gold Clutch-Loeffler Randall for Target
You know I'm all about the desinger collabs
2. Straw zig zag clutch- Barney's Outlet

Jewelry is another hard thing for me to edit down.  I have stuck to all gold to, again, make it mix and matchable.  
1. Long double strand necklace- Forever 21
2. Crystal oval gem dangle earrings-Padgett Hoke etsy shop.  Love her stuff!
3. Braided hoops-World Market
Have you checked out the accessories at World Market? They are sooo good.
4. Turquoise earrings-Kendra Scott
5. Turquoise flower cuff-World Market
6. Gold bangles-large from Kohls, small from Forever 21

And of course, some reading materials.  New Lucky mag, some maps of the area I got from AAA (I'm also old school when it comes to maps-I prefer paper over GPS) and a great new book I just started reading, The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg.  I'm only a few chapters in and already LOVE it.  Hope to get a few more chapters read this weekend.

Not pictured is my giant bottle of wine I am bringing along.  You know, for the down time in the hotel.  Oh, and also all my unmentionables and toiletries.  We don't need to get into that.

So there it all is-packed up real pretty in my new Cinda B Vacationer I got recently on One Kings Lane.  All of that fit and there is still room!  So proud of myself.  I am beyond excited guys-the last time I took a girls-only vacation was nearly four years ago.  Much needed and long overdue!


  1. Love it!

    1. There's no better time than vacation to wear something you normally wouldn't, ya know?

    2. I really do love denim jackets. I think for years I thought they were hideous then I realized they look good with *almost* everything...ya know except jeans. No canadian tuxedos allowed!

    3. Good move on the scarf. don't even own a neutch scarf, better buy one.

    4. So weird, I just started reading the same book the other night. Um, then I started crying, it's so sad! Well maybe b/c my husband's name is John too and I'm pregnant and overly emotional, who knows...

  2. Jackie, great post! I want to go shopping in YOUR closet -- I love the maxi dress from Marshalls, the wedges from Kohls and the cuff from World Market. You are the BEST bargain hunter! Have a ball on your girls trip. xxoo

  3. Have a great trip Jackie! This was such a fun post to read... I love getting the inside scoop on people's lives (ha, or call me nosey!). I should post my packing list when I go on vacay in August... but I think the only thing I am packing is bathing suits and cover-ups. :)

  4. I hope you have a fabulous trip, my dear! You packed such adorable options! Especially that swimsuit- Wal Mart?!! Amazing! I love the little gold beads at the top of the straps. And the straw clutch, I am lusting over it!

    Have a blast on your girls getaway! xoxo

  5. You seem to find the greatest things! I shop at those stores and don't seem to find as much (except H&M LOVE LOVE that store, especially the one in SF).
    Hope you have a great trip, Sausalito is awesome!
    I'm a bay girl so I'm (slightly) biased.

  6. I'm going to the beach this weekend and was looking for a good book to bring- I think I'm going to see if I can get my hands on this one, thanks!! Happy vacay!

  7. I'm going to the beach this weekend and was looking for a good book to bring- I think I'm going to see if I can get my hands on this one, thanks!! Happy vacay!

  8. I love your packing list and the bag it all went it!!! i really really wanted to go to Sausalito when we were in San Fran last year, but not enough time. Can't wait to see your pictures, have a great time!!

  9. Ahh, thank you for the shout out! Love your packing list - might become a very good check list for my beach vaca!

  10. This is a fantastic post! I love it when people share what THEY would take on a trip (whether it's for a weekend or a month!)
    It's great to see which basic's you think are essential and what kind of dresses would work for different occasions!!
    Have fun in Sausalito!!

  11. jackie,

    you always have such FUN posts. this one is so good. your fashion choices look perfect as always.
    love the bag.

    yes, i saw the zig zag print on one of those clutches. yes, i noticed all your beautiful colors in your clothes your clothes are just like your blog! i love that.

    okay, now for more truth...
    i am so freakin jealous of your girls' wknd - i ccan hardly stand it!!!!
    have a great time.

  12. You have such cute clothes! I want those clutches :)

  13. Great post! I really enjoyed seeing your outfits. You are a great bargain shopper! (Love that silk top from Kohls. How come I never find anything like that there?)
    But...when I got to the last picture with the bag you packed it in...I knew *exactly* where that bag came from right away! I saw that on One King's Lane a few months back and I wanted it soooo bad. But I couldn't justify getting it because I don't go on any vacations, lol. But anyway, I'm glad that you got it and are enjoying it. :)
    Love the blog!

  14. Adore the swimsuit darling!!! Let us know how the book is please, have been meaning to get around to that one!