Interior Infatuation: Fresh Country Charm

Happy Monday morning, would you care to join me on a stroll through my new country home in the clouds?

Come on in through my dutch doors, a must in any self-respecting country dream home.

To your right is my open and airy kitchen.  I wouldn't dare have any standard kitchen cabinets in here-only the loveliest of open shelving filled with fun vignettes of vintage dinnerware and original oil paintings.

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house, as I finally got to wallpaper a wall.  Lovely, no?  The dresser was pretty ratty when I picked it up at the thrift store, but I added a coat of white paint and now it looks good as new!

Since we don't have any close neighbors I am able to leave all the doors and windows open while bathing in my claw foot tub.  It's so liberating!  

Here's my little side patio where I like to steal away to read a good book in the afternoon.  I love the set-up, but really must do something about that god awful looking window.  Perhaps cover it in lattice and grow a bougainvillea up it?  Yes, I think that would be nice.  

Come with me out to the yard now.  Looks like it's getting dark, so it's a good thing I had my husband come light these candles for us.  Oh, and look-he poured us some wine too! How thoughtful of him.  Now we can catch up properly-take a seat...

Okay, now get your head out of the clouds and get back to work you big slacker.

images via Maxine Brady


  1. I love the contrast of the white walls of the bathroom pic with the beautiful woods floors. I desperately want my own claw foot tub.

  2. Wait, are you telling me you didn't move to the clouds??? Cause I was gonna pack up and move into that bathroom. What the hell Jackie?!?!?

    So I have two of those half doors in my house and never knew what they were called. ha! So thank you, I can now describe them properly and not call them the un-pc "midgey doors).

  3. I want to live there if for only the garden... and the wine.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. LOVE these pics. I am all about dutch doors right now. Really want one in our new house. And that bathroom... WOW.

  5. I adore country chic, it's so serene. Great pics, they are all beautiful.

  6. Why Jackie, your country cloud fantasy house is LOVELY (except that eye sore window). Love how you fixed it up. I'll be there in five minutes with champagne and magically-calorie-free chocolate cake :)

    I was going to say that the garden was my favorite, but then I remembered the kitchen. And the dresser. And now I can't choose.

  7. Love that garden. Do I have to leave?!

  8. you know i love some simple whimsy in a home. so pretty.

    this really is a simple home. i mean that in a good way. they made it look amazing with their acccessory & decorating choices. love it.

  9. Amazing find, Jackie. I put every one of these pics into my design file. LOVES! I want that dusty blue wallpaper. It will be MINE! :)