Currently Coveting: Organization

I've always loved pretty little ways to organize your things.  However, organization always seems to be the last thing I actually end up spending money on.  I dream about a pretty little desk and office supplies often though.

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I saw this gold colored pencil holder in Maison Reve and fell in love.  I'm not one to bust out the colored pencils on a daily basis, but isn't it just so pretty?  I would love to see it on my desk daily, I know it would make me smile.  

I also love little trays, so this "Love" tray is fitting.  Liz questioned recently what I would put on a tray, and for me it's anything and everything!  Jewelry, keys, loose change, candles, arrange a little vignette of decorative items, a plant, stack some books on top, corral your perfume collection, nail polish collection, put one on your nightstand to hold your book, a glass of water and book light...I could go on and on!  Hope that helps Liz.

These pretty teal plastic boxes (don't woryy-they are BPA free!)  would be so pretty holding a variety of items.
I've had my eyes on the black & white striped hooks from anthro for awhile.  Hooks are always good because they add instant storage to an otherwise useless wall.  I have some in my bathroom for my towels and robes, some in the entry for purses and coats, one for keys, the girls rooms have behind-the-door hooks that hold a variety of random things that would otherwise be on the floor.  Like Natalie's elephant head on a stick-ya know just like the horse ones kids use to play cowboy that have the strap you can hold onto? Only ours is an elephant, making it much cooler.


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You can't see well from this picture, but the top left are take-out list pads.  One is for coffee and the other for restaurants.  I think theses are so cute, coming from a gal who eats a lot of take-out.  I fully abide by the "Keep a clean kitchen-dine out!" mentality.  I even have a magnet to prove my allegiance.

I love the pattern on this binder from Amy Butler.
This little bird doubles as a paper clip holder. Sold!
Jonathan Adler has a fun line of office goodies out now and I love these colorful pens.


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Why can I never find the tape when I need it? Oh, probably because it isn't in a cool holder like the one above.

My magazine collection is ridiculous.  And it is only going to get more ridiculous because I just subscribed to four more (don't ask).  So I definitely need some industrial strength and sized mag holders like these.

Another reason I can never find my tape is because I have a horrible memory.  I need to write things down more.  But I forget.  Maybe a pretty leather journal will help get my hippocampus in gear.
Lastly, a pretty basket to hold my mail and papers in.  Does anyone else have problems with their paper procreating overnight and spawning lots of paper babies?   I mean really, where does it all come from?!?

Have any favorite organization/office supplies you would care to share?


  1. Ohhhh I want it all. I have such a freaking thing for stationary and storage. It's been a baaad habit since I was little and played office and school and hoarded office supplies.

    Some of my recent faves, which you MAY see in a house tour :), are these Kasset storage boxes from Ikea. Cuz I'm cheap!'


    and they only take 6 hours each to put together! ha! no really, I love them.

    Oh and I want those teal bottles for no reason whatsoever.

  2. Oh man, I am such a whore for office supplies. I BEG Ryan to take me to Office Depot and can spend hours and hours on See Jane Work. It's a total obsession :)

    We just (yesterday) got rid of the couch in the office so I'm hoping to add a few organizational pieces because with all the Maggie Rose shop stuff spreading around it's gotten a little nuts. I'm wanting pretty new magazine holders (either covered in linen or the wooden kind). And I'm planning to DIY a mousepad. No idea what I'll do for the walls yet but I'm sure I'll think of something!

  3. Those lacy baskets are AWESOME! I must find somewhere to put those. Stat! Great post, girl!

  4. time to bust out the colored pencils, girl!! ;)

    and i have that white lacy basket, on my kitchen table filled with all the household crap that ends up on the table! and it looks pretty :)

  5. All of these items are soo cute! And functional! Love them :)