SPPN Top 10: Straw Hats for Summer

Another summer style essential, as far as I am concerned, is the straw hat.  They are lightweight and breathable, which is a must in the sweltering dog days of summer.  Throw one on at the beach, while strolling the farmer's market or taking the kiddos to the water park.  I like two categories of the straw hat: fedora and floppy.  Last year I jumped on the fedora bandwagon and bought one at Target.  It was cute, but unfortunately my little girls thought so too, and got a hold of it during their dress-up playtimes.  They bent and mashed it all up so it is no longer wearable.  Boo.  So this summer I bought a floppy one from Gap.  It's treating me well so far, but I do miss my fedorable fedora.

Floppy Finds:

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I really, really REALLY want the Juicy Couture hat in the top left corner above.  Aren't the colorful tassels so fun?

Fedora Finds:

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Love all of these options.  A big trend right now is shine and sparkle during the day, so I included the top right and bottom left hats as a nod to that.

Do you own a floppy or fedora?  
Notice that I left out the cowboy style hat.  I still can't get behind that trend.  Reminds me of Britney Spears barefoot at a gas station bathroom.


  1. Oh, yes Jackie!! I love these picks!! I have been lusting over that Juicy Couture for some time now! And I've never been on the fedora bandwagon, but your choices are making me change my mind!

    I love the SPPN Top 10 feature!!

    Happy Tuesday, lovey! xoxo

  2. These are great! I love the JCrew one with the black ribbon. One problem- it seems like every darn hat I try on is just a smidge too small. All summer I've been trying them on in stores when I get a chance and it never fails that they are one size fits all.

    I'm going to keep trying, but in the meantime maybe someone has ran across a chain store that carries multiple sizes of hats? I don't have quite enough confidence yet in my hat picking skills to order online.

  3. Great options! I am STILL trying to find one I like... It will be fall before I do. :)

  4. Could I be more entertained by your writing in this post? Fedorable, a Britney reference and a distaste for the cowboy hat style. Love it.

  5. woohoo! i'm totally stylish since i wore both those types of hats in hawaii. i bought a floppy one while i was there. it looks like the dark brown you have featured.

  6. Lovely they are all so stylish especially the one with the tassels:)