SPPN Top 10: Nail Colors for Summer

Nothing is more rewarding than a fresh pedi in the summer.  Well, that and a delicious mint-filled Mojito.  I never care what my toesies look like in the winter because they are usually covered up, but come summer it's time to bust those guys out and give them a fresh coat of paint!  Below are my top ten favorite nail polish colors for this summer:

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I love a good nuetral, as shown in polishes #1-3.  The first two are a pale pink and the third is a bit more taupe.  Clean and simple, and of course looks great on tanned feet.  I also usually keep my nails this color, as they are a bit more forgiving once the chipping starts.  

Polish #4 is a sweet lilac color, which I am carrying over from Spring because I liked it so much.  

Polish #5, the gold NARS, is fun and perfect for when you are feeling a bit flashy.  

Coral is another fave for summer, as seen in polishes #6 & 7.  

You can never go wrong with #8-classic red!  

The plum-y purple of #9 is another one of my very faves lately.  

Lastly, the fun ocean blue of #10 will help cool you off by just looking at it!


  1. Love your top ten! I am all about the bright colors this summer. That plum/violet purple is perfect!

  2. o'm ALL about Essie - i love every color they have!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. I'm usually a neutral person too... but I am really loving the corals this season!

  4. I think it's because my feet are never perfectly tanned that I just can't pull off a neutral. Last year I switched from a bright red to a hot pink and haven't looked back. I can't seem to change it up. Well at least now I have an excuse, I can't freakin reach my toes. It's AWESOME.

  5. Awesome list! I didn't even know that Sonia Kashuk had nailpolish. I'll have to check out my target. Thanks!

  6. Very fun colors! I love brights for summer!

  7. Yes yes yes! I will take one of each, please! I love the Sonia Kashuk colors! I think those are my faves :) For some reason I am obsessed with blue this summer!

  8. Classic red is my fave! I like to call it slut red :)

  9. Perfect! I especially love the top and bottom middle ones

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