The SPPN Family Summer Goals

This is our first true "summer vacation" around here, as Natalie has wrapped up her first year of preschool.  Previously, summer was more inconsequential since Nat was home 365, 24/7 anyway.  Oh, what a difference one year and two days of preschool a week make.  We're only 6 days in and Natalie is already constantly saying she's bored, hungry, or a horrible combo of both at the same time.  We'll call that "bongry".  To bring some order and purpose to our summer, I sat down with Nat to create a "Summer Fun List" of things we could fill our days with.  No input yet from Kara as she's still too little for opinions like that (thank goodness!)

Here's our 2010 Summer Fun List:

*Go to the beach
*Visit Grandma & Grandpa in Santa Rosa
*Go to Farmers Market every Thursday
*Go to the library-visit every one in our county
*Go park exploring to find new ones we haven't been to a million times already
*Go miniature golfing
*Go to the fair

*Go swimming at cousin's house
*Go to the zoo
*Lots of playtime in backyard with sprinklers/wading pool
*Go to ballet class every Tuesday
*Go to summer bible camp
*Try new summer recipes 
*Have a Fourth of July party

*Make homemade Popsicles
*Make a fun craft project once a week
*Create a chore chart
*Work on writing and reading skills
*Roast marshmallows & make s'mores in our backyard firepit
*Visit the Children's Discovery Museum
*Enroll in art camp (maybe? It costs $150/week!-jeesh)

As far as my sanity goes I have been frequently reminding myself to relax, breath and just have fun.  I'm trying to align my mindset with that of my kids-remembering how magical summers felt when I was little and trying to bring that magic into their lives as best as I can.

I've linked this post up with This Blessed Nest, where you can find other bloggers who have posted their Summer lists as well.  If you have any additional ideas/mommy experience to share with me I'd love for you to leave me a comment.


  1. ok, girl!

    you had me in laughter at the beginning paragraph! is it okay to say, I JUST LOVE YA!!??
    you always make me laugh.

    taking tons of ideas off your list or should i say natalie's? wowza ~ she's got you booked.
    love those bathing suits & all the fun pics. beautiful beautiful girls!!!

    thanks for linking up.

    p.s. get out of town with the "shop style" if i had a million scroll thingy. love it!

  2. can I spend my summer with you guys? I want a popsicle party!

  3. awe how cute is that last picture!! I remember summers growing up and they were so magical for some reason! I love your list too! I need to do this! What a brilliant idea to stay on track of the good times! lol;) hope you have a great week doll xoxo

  4. My little girl is feeling the same way. I promised her we would go swimming during the weeks if she's a good girl. If she does all of her chores, she can go on a field trip...the zoo or something!
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  5. what an ambitious mama, i love it! what lucky girls. i totally am making homemade popsicles, too!

  6. Sounds like fun! I am with you on the bored/hungry thing... sheesh! My son has some day-camps, a week at the grandparents and we are members of a local pool, but STILL sheesh. These five year olds are demanding! I'm going to book mark this to be reminded of easy, cheap things to do. I don't think it will "work" to be at Target all summer (like we did this morning - oops! It was raining though!)

  7. ps. can I add "hire a babysitter" to my list, or does that defeat the purpose???? :)

  8. What wonderful plans for the summer, Jackie!! You are one great mama for sitting down and making a list like this! I'm making a mental note for when I have kiddies. I especially love that popsicle photo! How precious! One of the things on my summer list is to go to the farmer's market too. And I remember when I was younger going to vacation bible school and the summer reading program at the library, oh memories :) Happy summer, sweet lady! xo

  9. That sounds like the perfect summer! Your girls are adorable!

  10. Your girls are so adorable I can't even stand it! You guys are going to have a great summer ahead of you!

  11. What a great list. I've got four at home w/ ten weeks summer vacation. I figure it's going to start getting a little hairy about week 3. Thanks for the great ideas.

  12. Sounds like lots of fun stuff planned and some CUTE pics!