Blogger Book Fair: Sasha of Everything Fabulous

We are back with another installment of the Blogger Book Fair!  Today's guest is the super fabulous Sasha of the fabulous blog Everything Fabulous!   Ha! What, you expected me to come up with some other adjective to describe her? Sorry, not happening, she is far too fabulous to not be called fabulous.  I digress...


Thank you so much Jackie for asking me to participate in your series!  I love, love, love books!  Love reading and love decorating with them!  In my world there is no such thing as too many books.

Choosing my fave 6 was not easy...so I tried to choose one from each genre...here I go:

If you love entertaining you are going to love this book!  It is actually my latest acquisition...and I looove it!  It is divided into three sections: table setting, paper and flowers! The flower section is my favorite, I found it to be educational and inspirational.  He actually inspired me to find the beauty in carnation bouquets.  Lately my house has been full of pink carnations!  I would say it is a must read for gracious entertaining.

J'adore reading this book the first time...but I came to enjoy it even more every time I randomly stop to read one page here and there.  It is the perfect book to read when you feel you are losing your inner French!  Every time I need to remember to be myself and enjoy it, or to have my own voice and be unique and don't apologize for it...and to be sexy and savor life...I read this book!  And then I am tres jolie!!  One of my fave quotes from the book is: 
"She is an essence, a way of being, a mindset-and she exists in us all.  She is that part of us that is free, and not bound up by the joyless strings of Puritan morality or guilt.  She's that part of us that has a sense of continuity in life, that doesn't rush, that feels sexy for no apparent reason.  She is, more fundamentally, that part of us that does not want to live accordingly to what others think she should be.  She is her own woman.  Entirely."

It's truly the very best of Elle Decor!  Not only does the book look fabulous on my coffee table, but it's also full of beautiful photography and decor inspiration.  When it comes to books on decor and design I am very practical...I need a book that makes me dream of fabulous places, but that I can also take things away from and apply it on my day to day.  Being a mother of two active boys I don't have much time to just go through a book without getting some practical things I can apply in my decor...and this book is that for me!  Every time I read it I get inspired by a color, or how they did a photo collage, etc!

This book makes living a green life fun and glam!  It was the extra push I needed to become gorgeously green and I love the way it is written.  By the end of the book you feel you are Sophie Uliano's best friend!  Full of tips, product reviews...overall a great book if you are not green yet but are flirting with the idea!  Love to read about how she believes in still looking fabulous and being green!

I consider this book a must read!  In a way it has some of the lessons from The Secret or some of the concepts of the ego as Eckhart Tolle's New Earth...but in a simpler and easier to read way.  A book you can read in two days over and over again and always learn something new about yourself and your journey.  It talks about dreams and courage and persistence and ego...and that all that you need, you already are!

I chose this novel because it is the last one I read and I finished and I could not put down!  After reading Eat, Pray, Love more than a year ago I was not able to finish a novel...by the middle of it I was usually lost or unmotivated with the story.  The Jewel of Medina is actually the story of Aisha, the child wife and one of the favored wives of Muhammad.  There has been a lot of controversy about this book from the Islam perspective, but I am not a Historian so if the romantic part tweaks certain dates I am fine with it.  What captivated me the most was discovering and learning from another culture...while reading a true romantic story!

Thank you so much Jackie for inviting me to be part of your series! And thank you because having to write about the books made me enjoy them again...and reminded me of some of the emotions and lessons I got from them!

Thank you Sasha for sharing! I'm so glad to have rekindled your love affair with these books.  
BTW, Sasha also has a great tumblr blog you can check out here.


  1. I always love the blogger book fair posts! The Alchemist is one of my favorites as well. Some of these others I will have to jot down for the future!

  2. I have had Entre Nous: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl on my wishlist at Amazon for much too long. Thank you for giving me more information. I'm sold! I will picking it up soon. Lovely write up! And a fantastic series. Thank you Sasha for introducing us to Jackie. I do love her blog title - too adorable. =)

  3. Well isn't this a fun series! I love Sasha's blog. I think I may need that Flair book! :)

  4. Oh, what a fun series! And love the intro to Sasha! lol...

    I just picked up Entre Nous when I was in L.A. and can't wait to start reading it, glad to hear it's fabulous Sasha!

  5. Great list Sasha!! I’ll definitely check them out!!

  6. Thanks again Jackie for having me here...J'adore your series & your blog!!

    ....and thank you beautiful lovelies for your comments... you brought a smile to my face!!!! Thank you, thank you!!

  7. Now I have more books to add to my to read next list :)