Around My House

My gurgle pot spewing flowers from the front yard for Father's Day

New pig bowl-$6 at World Market. Couldn't resist that face.

Or that butt.

My little vintage what day is it thing-a-ma-jig I found at the Salvation Army in Healdsburg.  Going again this weekend to hunt for more goodies! Whoo hoo!

Desk shot.

Meet Barnacle Bill.  Scored him at the Alameda flea for $30.  Worth every penny in my book.

Holdin' it down on top of some books.

My favorite corner of the yard.  It's all wild and crazy. Love.  I want to get some ivy growing up the fence.  Here's what the plant on the right of the fountain looked like a few months ago:

It's taller than my kids!  This picture kind of sucks-it looks better in person.  It's called a "Red Hot Poker"-not even joking.  Google that shiz.

The end.


  1. nice, nice, nice... your house is SO cute! Love the fountain action... we used to have "poker sticks", we called them, at our old house. They are gorgeous!

  2. I enjoy "Barnacle Bill" very nice. And I love the desk shot (:

  3. Thanks for sharing! That vintage date thing is so unique!

  4. love seeing these spots! great find on that calendar!

  5. i love everything about these pictures! your house is so cute & your collections (especially the little pig!) are so perfect.

  6. I love the piggy bowl and your garden looks amazing!

  7. You need to show off your house more often, I'm kinda in love with it. And your backyard??? Seriously? Does the whole thing look like that? Need more pics. Stat.

  8. Your desk is so cute! Love the brass calender, what a find! And Barnacle Bill is pretty spectacular. The garden is looking lovely too - I've never heard of that plant but it looks pretty!

  9. What a great post! So inspiring. You have found some beautiful things, and seem to have a lovely home! Thanks for sharing with us! xoxo, natty

  10. you are so detailed. only you would have such fun accessories to decorate with. they all look just like you - or just how i picture your style to be. ;)

    i agree, you need to show your house off more.