Today I...

  • Took Natalie to preschool
  • Went grocery shopping for the week
  • Did five loads of laundry
  • Two loads of dishes
  • Mopped the kitchen floor
  • Cleaned up the family room-including underneath the sofas, which is like a black hole for lost toys
  • Vacuumed
  • Re-arranged some knick-knacks

All while nursing a "I walked around for five hours in the sun yesterday at a giant antiques fair" hangover.
So I'm spent.  And it's only four pm, which means I still have to cook dinner, give the girls their baths, clean up after dinner...the list goes on and on.

So here's the prettiest color wheel I have ever seen for you to look at until I return tomorrow:


  1. Your day was like mine! I did massive cleaning today (and yesterday) and tackled some black-holes here in my house. Feels good... although, my husband says I only clean like this when I am stressed. He knows me too well! Ha!

  2. I spent two hours driving and two hours in the dentist chair (owww) and then got to go to JCrew, but only to buy a bridesmaid dress and couldn't buy anything else. Then drooled at Pottery Barn and Anthro with my mom until my painkillers started to wear off (owww) and came home. Not ready to go back to work tomorrow :( And our house is definitely not as clean as yours (and Jills!)

  3. you are good, girl! I wish I could say I even did half of that!