SPPN Top 10: Cocktail Rings

I just love a big fatty cocktail ring to spice up an outfit.  Here are a few fun picks for summer:

{click here for product info}

I can picture wearing one of these with a long, flowy white maxi dress, gold flat glads, and coral painted nails while enjoying an early evening dinner on the patio of a cafe overlooking the ocean.   Ahhhhh, bliss!


  1. i LOVE cocktail rings - there huge and bulky - but you always catch someone's eye that will say " i love your ring" .. and whenever someone say's that it's a high five to the universe for me!

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. So late last night I see your polyvore pop up and I am all, "ooh, pretty rings..."

    Then I click on the octopus ring, see its beauty and immediately head over to Rachel Roy. Upon getting there, I pre-order the ring and pick up two pairs of shoes (they had a 30% off everything on their site special).

    So I both blame and thank you for my late night wanderings. :)

  3. OOoooh, I loves me some cocktail rings - I have that coral and gold one in the upper left, and am off to find the octopus ring now. Thanks a LOT for feeding my addiction.

  4. Loving the Betsey Johnson and 2 from Kate Spade! Great picks.

  5. Is that an octupus on a pearl??? Oh i love it! And that fox one too. It is a fox right?

    Yes, big fan of cocktail rings right here.

  6. Hi dear! I´m from Brazil, Sao Paulo and I really love your blog. I stop by every single day! Looooove it


  7. The blue one in the top right is my favorite.

    I just snagged a gold and coral one at Target for like $.97 last week. A huge ring for mere pennies. I was thrilled!

  8. Ooh you are tempting me this morning! I always feel so conspicuous with a giant ring, so these probably aren't for me, but I do think they are beautiful and I'd love to display a little collection on my dresser :)