Personal Style, Defined:The Finale. How Do You Add Up?

Well my friends, Jill and I are wrapping up our series today with a look into our own personal styles, and (hopefully!) a discussion will follow in the comments about your styles and how you define them.  We hope that you have found inspiration in these posts, and have identified your style(s) among the ones we have discussed; or at the very least have got you thinking more about what your style could be and are on the road to discovery. 

I've had a lot of fun exploring all the different styles we have featured (8 in all) and coming up with ways to achieve the look in your own home.  Each week I found myself thinking-"Golly gee, I really like certain elements of modern style" or "Aw shucks, I think I'm a bit of a boho too!"  That's what makes personal style so fun and unique-taking bits and pieces from different areas and making it your own. 

Based on the eight areas we covered (Romantic, Modern, Preppy, Bohemian, Rock & Roll Chic, Parisian, Glamorous, and Casual) I mixed and matched and came up with a formula for my personal style:

Casual + Boho + Modern = My Personal Style Formula!
My photo examples this time are going to be ones I have posted on the blog before, because they are favorite spaces of mine that I go back to time and time again for inspiration: 

Do you see the casual, boho and modern influences in these photographs?  A great little exercise in finding your style is doing just what I have done-gather your favorite images (be it of interior design or fashion) and try and find a common theme amongst them.  Take that and then run with it!

Once you do discover your style, it will bring clarity to your approach in decorating and outfitting your life.  Ask yourself the next time you are out shopping "Does this embody the boho style I love so much?"  or "Would this fit into my modern aesthetic?" If not, pass it up for an item more fitting. 

As style is always evolving, make sure you re-evaluate your approach every once in awhile to make sure you are keeping things fresh and aren't feeling stuck in a rut.  It's okay to realize you were wrong about certain decisions, and I'm sure we can all look back at some point in our style evolution and say "What was I thinking?!"

So now it's your turn, dear readers.  Leave me a comment with your personal style formula, or any tips or stories you would like to share about finding personal style.  And be sure to head to Jill's blog The Good Life for Less to find out her style formula as far as fashion goes!

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  1. Ooooh, great post. I would consider myself a mix of Bohemian, Glam Parisian Casual, with a dash of Rock & Roll chic thrown in for good measure (p.s., for a GREAT example of what I would consider Rock & Roll chic check this link on my humble blog):


    or here on Peppermint Bliss for her take on rock chick design:


    as well as the designer of those wicked awesome chairs, Jimmie Martin. Hubba hubba.