Interior Infatuation: Tumblin On Through

Wowie wee wow. That's all I can say about my crazy emotional weekend.  You ever have those super weird moods where you feel like you want to just crawl out of your own skin?  Jeez, I hope I'm not the only one.  This weekend was a mix of many emotions, and let's just say I am so thankful my mom was here to help me through.  Don't worry though, Kara did end up having a wonderful birthday that was filled with Hello Kitty, pink cake and peonies that I will post photos of later in the week.  

For today's Interior Infatuation, I thought I would post a random selection of some of my recent editions to my tumblr blog.  A random selection of rooms to match my random emotions.

 Here's to an emotionally stable week!


  1. I had one of those crazy emotional weekends too-Mondays help...it's like starting fresh. Love these images, thanks for sharing.