SPPN Top 10: Perfume

I had a reader request to do an SPPN Top 10 on perfume, but to be quite honest I don't wear much. I'm allergic, so all the sneezing and itchy eyes kind of take the fun out of it.  Many of these I chose for the mere aesthetic of the bottle and how pretty it would look on your vanity or dresser!  But I will let you in on my signature scent: Lollia Wish  (It's the one in the middle on the left hand side).  It's my all time favorite and I always have a bottle on hand for special occasions.  I just make sure not to spray it too close to my face!  I also love the scent of Dkny Be Delicious.


  1. I used to wear Lolita Lempicka ALL the time... in fact I bought it for my wedding so it would always be my "signature" wedding scent. (I am very nostalgic with scents... they easily bring me back to times and places) Wow. I haven't thought about that in years. I should buy some more!

  2. we are the same in a few above - you should try Laila (can be found in Nordstrom) .. it's DEVINE! .. i'm a huge fan of marc Jacobs as well! - but give Laila a whiff .. and lemme know what u think :o)


  3. lolita lempika is one of my favorite scents! wearing it now!!

    i love the marc jacobs lola bottle but the smell is too floral and fruity for me and sends me into sneezing fits :(

  4. I wore Be Delicious on my wedding day. It always makes me happy to smell it!

  5. so cute about your lulu comment on my blog! i will have to check that other article.

    in regards to this perfume, whenever i wear the gwen stefani harajuku lovers perfume, "g" people always say something! which has never happened to me with any other perfume.