Personal Style, Defined: Glamorous

We're back with another installment of Personal Style, Defined.  This week Jill and I are delving into the glamorous (or the flossy flossy if you prefer-and yes, I am listening to this song whilst creating this post).  I think every room needs a touch of glam to add visual interest and pizazz. 
Doesn't get more glam than a mirrored four poster bed!  The designer adds more subtle sheen through the pillows on the bed and the lucite side tables.

Animal print always ups the glam factor.  Darker, sumptuous colors bring an added level of sophistication to the look.  And you can't go wrong with a high-gloss wall.  

A pair of silver lamps flanking sleek bar accessories hints to evenings of glamorous cocktail parties.

The bits of sparkle in this room puts it in glam territory, as well as the black & white photo of Marilyn-the epitome of a glam girl.

Get the look: 

Z Gallerie is your one-stop shop for glam accessories for your home.  Everything above is from there, minus the rug which is West Elm.

Take it away, Jill!


  1. I just LOVE glamorous style, more so than I had originally thought! These rooms are amazing!

  2. Seriously, what girl doesn't dream of having a room full of this stuff? At least a dressing room. I'll take 2 of the chairs and the rug please. Stat.

  3. ahh yes, a perfect compliment to Jill's.

  4. definitely old hollywood glam. i love it!

  5. You totally nailed it. I LOVE these rooms and your suggested pieces.

  6. fergie's song is totally going through my mind while looking at these ohh flossy flossy pics!

  7. I had SEVERAL of these pictures saved as inspiration when I lived alone. Now that I share my space with a man, I'm with Shannon in applying these ideas to the ultimate luxe dressing room. Yes. Please.

    BTW will be signing in as Maggie Rose from now on (xo Magchunk)