Kitchen Lust

When I saw this kitchen from a home tour on Design Sponge I just about died and went to heaven:


I love the clean, classic elements paired with the energy of the fun fabric on the bar stools.  I remember this fabric was used on several items from pottery barn last year and I am still so bummed I didn't at least buy a pillow. 

Those hexagonal tiles! I would plop down on one of the stools and just stare at those tiles all day.  Mesmerizing.  Yes, I get mesmerized by kitchen tile. Such is my life.

I'm also quite obsessed with this little seating area in the entry:

And this bathroom isn't too shabby either:

I love that they put a big table lamp in the corner. Really cozies up the place don't you think?  There just aren't enough cozy bathrooms out there, IMO.


  1. What is it with kitchens? I spend a good chunk of every day drooling over the latest and greatest. I think it's a national, maybe world wide obsession! This one is great and love the tile too!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I saw this yesterday too, and also fell in love. I hate to tell you but I actually bought one of those Pottery Barn pillows...

  3. The entry is what kills me. That is the exact shape of bench I want to add to our dining room (under the bay window). And I've been obsessing over those stoneware crocks... too bad they can run up to $200. Plus anything linen I WANT right now.

    Yes, the tile is gorgeous too.

  4. All these pictures are awesome. Especially love those kitchen bar stools. Would love those when I get my own house <3

    Love your blog



  5. What kills me about the entryway is that it is so casual yet elegant and it exudes effortless style ! When I try to do "effortless" it ends up looking like "dropped a bunch of crap here-ess" Yep. It's a real style. I'm an expert :)

    Love this post!

  6. this kitch is soooo good i just love the chairs.