Interior Infatuation: Natural Treasures

When I've mentioned that my favorite interior design style is modern/bungalow/coastal/cottage this house pretty much sums that all up in one nice little package.  It's the home of Jayme Armour Leffler, owner of Armour & Co, another amazing home store in Atlanta. I love how she mixes antique dressers with acrylic side tables; small doses of bold, modern patterns next to a muted overall color palette of grays, creams and pale blues and uses lots of natural elements to accessorize.


images above via AJC Homefinder

Her home was recently featured in Better Homes & Gardens as well.  Here are a few additional pictures scanned from the article:

I'm officially bit obsessed with this home.  Are you?


  1. amazing home. wow. i am in love with that cute small gold table. perfection! hope you had a great weekend sugar!

  2. I want the zebra print rug and the octopus print. Heck, I want everything in that house, and the house too!!!

  3. SO in love! I especially love the octopus print. xx

  4. You know, I actually just saw this home in the BHG this week, and thought of you. Totally random!

  5. Hey Jackie,

    So glad you shared these pics, there's actually something in one of them I have been workong on my own DIY version of. I can not wait to show it to you!! ust one more trip to Ikea (2 hours away though ...)

  6. this house is unbelievable.

    i love every room & that doesn't always happen. from the oval door right through the entire house -it is amazing.

    i am sending you a quick email in just a second.