Interior Infatuation: Laura Day in Lonny

Yes, everyone and their mom posts Lonny pics the days and weeks after a new issue comes out.  Yes, I am going to be one of them.  Yes, you are going to have to humor me.  I can't help it, I just fell in love with the home of Laura Day. Peep it out:

Laura herself has started an online mag called Laura Day Living that I immediately clicked over to.  She has organized the site as a "virtual house" with each room featuring a different article.  For example in the "craft room" she has a great DIY project of decoupaging glass domes, complete with a step-by-step video.  In the "media room" is a playlist she has compiled titled "Soundtrack for Change".  In the "bedroom" is an article featuring her personal bedroom and ways to create a soothing sanctuary of your own.  If all that wasn't enough, this graphic was waiting for me on the homepage:

Not only does she have great style as far as interiors go, I'm also loving this whole ensemble she's rocking below:

I tell ya, with the birth of all these new online magazines filled with oodles and oodles of inspirations, I'm NEVER going to be able to pull myself away from the screen!


  1. I feel ya! I heard of lonny but haven't yet seen it. These images are gorg and so are her purple shoes!

  2. I love seeing everyone's favorites. mine would be michelle adams apt, gorgeous.

  3. My fave was definitely Michelle's apartment. But I agree that the outfit in this post is to die for. Could she get any cuter?

    Oh Lonny. If only you were easier to scroll around.