Get The Look: Kitchen Barstools

Remember this pic in which I loved the barstools:

Want a similar look in your kitchen? 

How about:

And sew yourself up some slipcovers!

Or, if you aren't the sewing type, check out these pre-made slipcovers available from bemz:

There are literally dozens of fabric options with prices ranging from around $40-$60 each.  Not bad for a custom look.

I heart Bemz.  It has a slipcover for pretty much every upholstered ikea product.  Sofas, armchairs, barstools, daybeds- you name it, they got it covered-literally! Ha! Oh, I crack myself up. 


  1. I love those barstools!! I want them for my kitchen!

  2. I love it. I'm always checking out Bemz for a new Ikea sofa cover and I have Ikea dining room chairs too. They are getting some really cool fabrics now. I really like your peacock fabric though.

  3. That fabric is amazing! Great inspiration. xoxo

  4. I heart you. I've been searching for barstools that I love FOREVER. Those slipcovers could be my answer!!

  5. we love barstools and dining room chairs in wicked patterns too :) very happy you like our idea. You have a very nice and inspiring blog Jackie. Let me know if you want some fabric samples!

    Sara from Bemz

  6. love love love the peacock fabric! - i'm gonna have to use that for something! - maybe use it in a frame as art!!