Currently Coveting

I would gladly accept any of these gorgeous jewels by Kendra Scott for Mother's Day. {wink, wink. nudge, nudge}

I ran across Kendra Scott jewelry after falling in love with the the top right earrings as seen on Michelle Trachtenberg:

Remember her in Harriet the Spy? I went to see it at the theater with my mom and little brother (don't judge). My mom thought we looked a lot alike. Good times.

Anyway babe, those earrings would be a good place to start. K thanks.


  1. holy mackerel! i thought i was the only one that remembered her from harriet the spy. i too watched that movie...about a million times!

    she still looks the same but with better fashion sense :)

  2. Good times - I think it's so sweet you went with your mom and brother! Everytime I see her on Gossip Girl I think "sweet little Harriet..." Haha. These are beautiful! I really like her eye makeup too. Hope hubby is reading :)

  3. so excited to find your blog....so much fun!
    Look forward to following~