Blogger Book Fair : Ashlina of The Decorista

Today we have the lovely Ashlina over to visit and share her fave books.  I just recently discovered Ashlina's great blog "The Decorista: Secrets of Domestic Bliss" and it has quickly become a favorite daily read.  Ashlina is the kind of gal you wish you could hang out with; she's super sweet, has amazing style and you just know there would never be a dull moment with her around!  Take it away girl...

Hi all you fabulous readers of Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle! So excited to be here today and share with you my favorite all time books. Reading is one of the biggest joys of my life...I just love the smell of a brand new book, there is nothing like it. Hope you guys enjoy! xoxo

Three Black Skirts by Anna Johnson

One of my very first favorite books. It's jam packed with tips on how to live a fabulous life as a young woman in the city. From fashion to decor to grace, she covers it all. This is defnitely a bright and fun read and the graphics are adorable to boot.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Such a great and positive read! I am all about positivity and enthusiasm, living life to the fullest. This book is a great example of how to live a vibrant life (aside from the Bible, my first love). I always try to give it as a gift to people who are in need of a little pick me up. Uber inspirational!

Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell

This woman is a huge inspiration to me. She writes so beautifully about making everyday life more feminine and joyful. I love her english/californian vibe and the way she mixes and matches rose dishes amongst all white backgrounds. An empowering story behind her success, this has been a staple in my bookshelf for years and since, I have read every single one of her books. I love them all.

I will never forget the day I bought my first Domino magazine. I sat and read it cover to cover about 10 times. After that I bought every single issue that came out and the day it went out of publication I cried. I have each one in my room to this day and this book was a must get. It basically summed up the history of the mag and forever will be my other Bible. (my bible of decorating)

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This was the very first book that I read in 2 days. I will never forget the emotional rollercoaster I went on while reading this book, it was fabulous. I urge every girl to read this book, It will probably send you on some day dreaming. 

In the Pink: Dorothy Draper by Carlton Varney

I actually don't own this book, for some reason but I have sat at peoples homes, book stores, boutiques, where ever I see this book I pick it up and indulge myself over and over again. Dorothy is my idol, no other will match her amazing sense of style and dedication. I love the photos and her decorating tips, they will never go out of style. 


  1. Jackie, I absolutely LOVE this series of posts.

  2. what a fun series.. love new book ideas.

  3. jackie...you are SO sweet! thank you so much for having me here to hang out on SPPN today! :) yay!

  4. Yes, what a fun series and a great way to be introduced to new books. I just checked out Three Black Skirts on Amazon and added it to my wishlist.

  5. Great choices Ashlina! Couldn't agree more on Domino being the design bible. And... Dorothy... of course. Shes just too fabulous not to mention!

  6. Love your book selection Ashlina!! Domino + Eat Pray & Love + The secret + Shabby Chic + In the Pink....fabulous books full of inspiration & style!!