Top Ten Design Resolutions from Serena and Lily

I loved these design resolutions from Serena and Lily. I had saved the images in January, hence the New Year's theme, but of course they work year round.

In case you can't read them from the image above, here is what it says:

1. Take Risks
Buy that thing that you are not sure of. Paint that room that color.  Put things that don't officially match together.  See what happens.

2. Seek the Unique
Wander a flea market. Browse our bazaar. Step into that little shop. Buy it just because.

3. Stay Home More
Run around less. Have dinner together. Create cozy spaces. Snuggle.

4. Master the Master Bedroom
Make it feel totally special and totally you.  Invest in beautiful bedding. Add the artwork, objects, colors, and fabrics that make your heart sing.

5. Be Guest Ready at All Times
Turn that extra room into a luxury hotel suite. Think of it as designing the other master bedroom of your dreams.

6. Get Organized (Again)
But do it with style this time. Pretty bins and baskets. A great new set of shelves. Anything that makes it more fun.

7. Be Your Own Curator
Art doesn't have to be museum-worthy, just something you like to look at. A vintage painting. A beautiful mirror. A fabulous rug. Or even your child's artwork. 

8. Mix it Up
Move the furniture around. Swap out the pillows.  Invent a new color scheme. Work with what you have.

9. Dust it Off
Dig through the attic.  Sift through the garage.  Take another look at the reject pile and then imagine it with a fresh coat of paint and fab new upholstery.  

10. Do Something Meaningful
Host a luncheon or dinner party with a purpose.  Pick a cause.  Get the whole family involved.  Donate the funds you collect.

Did you have any design resolutions for the new year? How are they coming along? I would love to know.

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