Tiptoe Through the Tulips

My girl Kellie of This Blessed Nest is having a fun Spring Fling party on her blog, and I of course wanted to be on the guest list!  I wish I had a fabulous before and after to share with you like her (you will not believe her office/craft room makeover-check it out. LOVE!) but unfortunately my crippled husband has taken the forefront around here so I haven't gotten a chance to bust anything out.  Boo hoo.  BUT-I did get a chance to take the girls to the local tulip farm for some springtime fun.

I dressed them in their cute new matching dresses and we ran tiptoed around looking at all the beautiful flowers.  I don't know why Kara looks so forlorn here, I promise she had a good time.

The other spring news around here is we planted our veggie garden!  We ended up getting four tomato plants, four different peppers, onions and one red bell pepper.  Sounds like we're in for a ton of salsa this summer.  We also had a cucumber, but unfortunately he didn't make it.  He pooped out literally a few days after we planted him.  Oh well, it's survival of the fittest baby, so if you can't take the heat get out tha veggie garden!


Can't wait until these bad boys start producing!
I'm so thankful we have gad such wonderful weather here lately-it's been sunny and 70 degrees for the past week. I have started a few little crafty DIY's, so stay tuned for the results sometime in the near future.
So what's going on in your hood?


  1. look at them! in their matching dresses! oh so cute!

    omg! those tulips. so freakin jealous! you know it has been so stickin cold for us here in tennessee. everything is still in winter mode. ugh!
    okay ~ seriously jealous of the garden as well!

    thanks so much for linking up! you know i am a BIG fan of yours, so i am thrilled you are coming to the party! it's like the "cool pretty chic" from high school came to the homeroom nerd's party! :)

  2. i love tulips, and i never thought i was the gardening type, but now i'm wishing i was--i've been fiending for some fresh veggies from a home garden!

  3. Could your girls get any cuter? I am in *such* trouble if I have a little girl, or multiple girls. Tiny dresses!!!

    And I need to find a tulip farm stat. Gorgeous pics!

  4. Cutie pie girls, love their dresses. Those tulips make my heart beat faster. I love it all. Hope you are having a great day.

    Cha Cha

  5. Your girls are adorable! And I LUUVE tulips. Your photos are STUNNING!

  6. My good friend virginia is going to contact you today sometime. Sh eis super awesome and I directed her to your beautiful blog...she wants the contact who designed your header etc...

    XO. amy

  7. OOH, I want to go to the tulip farm, where is it?
    My veggie garden is still in the planning stages. Hopefully I'll get crackin' soon.

  8. Look at your girls! They're adorable.

    Love the idea of a veggie garden! Hope I have one of my own someday. First, I should probably learn how to cook...

  9. What precious girls! And I love their dresses!! I left you an award at my place :) Happy Monday!

  10. the tulips are amazing! What a fun place to go - there is nothing like that here, so my jealousy is raging! Great photos!

  11. They're adorable and those tulips are beautiful!! :-)

  12. wow, can i just say that this is the most beautiful post i've seen today!??! your girls are adorable and those flowers are stunning!

  13. These pictures were absolutely stunning and totally made my night. How in the world have I not been following you until now?

  14. The beauty of the flowers is only outdone by that of your daughters. Great photography! This is my first time at your lovely blog via This Blessed Nest but I will be returning.


  15. My porch really isn't a 'porch'. I have MAJOR porch envy. LOL It's a concrete slap with a tiny bit of house over it. More like a covered front walk up to the door. JUST big enough for that little bench.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. You are so lucky that you have a tulip farm nearby! So jealous! They are my favorite flower!