Personal Style Defined: Rock & Roll Chic

Alright ladies and gents, time for our weekly installment of Personal Style, Defined! When Jill threw "Rock & Roll Chic" my way, asking if it was doable as far as interiors go, I thought "No problemo, I'm sure I can come up something".  Here it is 10:30pm, almost past my bedtime (I like my sleep people, don't judge), I've spent a good hour poking around the internets, and I'm still empty-handed.  Well, except for this pic of Christina Aguilera's closet:

I've always thought it had a bit of a glam rocker vibe to it, what with the leopard print, crushed red velvet curtains and red chandelier.  Oh, and that weird naked mannequin that reminds me a bit of Elvis.

I realized I had really hit rock bottom in my search when I googled "Rock of Love set design". What the?  So I hope you all can forgive me as I bow out gracefully on this one.  
Jill will more than make up for it with her rocker chic outfits, I'm sure!

P.S.-If you can think of any rock & roll type rooms off the top of your head send them my way!


  1. You are TOO funny... I'm so sorry! That is one rockin' closet!

  2. Oh, I secretly love Christina Aguilera's house, seriously! I'm totally down with the fur, the leopard, the hot pink! The closest thing I can think of is the Jonathan Adler Barbie Dream House (which I reposted last week), same kind of "out of the world" vibe!

  3. I haven't looked through them, but Architectural Digest has features on the homes of celebrities in Hollywood, including musicians (Cher!)

    Here's the link: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/homes/hollywood/

  4. that just made me really happy, especially your query into google - I would have done the same thing! Thats a toughy, I like that you were able to bow out!

  5. I think House Beautiful once had the home of one of the Blink 182 guys... maybe that was Domino, back in the day. But it was awesome. Vivenne Westwood British flag rug hung on the wall, an old tattered trunk under a lucite coffee table... One of my faves. Very rock and roll.

  6. This is a tough one! I like the one example you did find :)

    I think of rich & saturated hues, stud details on furniture, leather, maybe some graffiti type of graphics. Definitely animal prints!

  7. oh gosh- i am so loving your blog!!

    i love this closet! makes mine look pathetic!

    i will definatly be back- feel free to check out my blog anytime!


  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys-maybe I will try and spruce up this post a bit with your tips. I hate to take the easy way out!

    Maggie-I remember his home! That was a good one-I'm going to try and find some pics!

  9. The tattoo shop of Kat from LA Ink , is worth looking at, lots of Rock and Roll accents! Have fun!