Personal Style, Defined: Parisian

Ooh, I love this week's Personal Style, Defined because it's Parisian baby!  These days who doesn't love a bit of Parisian flair?  I'm sure Jill had a heyday coming up with gorgeous French inspired outfits.  As far as interiors go, I love the refined, classy look of a traditional French interior:
Had to throw this last image in-I see it in many a daydream in my future.

Images via Canadian House & Home (ironically) and the paris apartment

Get The Look:

Personal Style, Defined: Parisian
Personal Style, Defined: Parisian by Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle on Polyvore.com

A chandelier is a must, and the internet has tons of great options at rather reasonable prices.  
I love the look of a simple pencil/charcoal sketching framed in a thin gilded frame.  Find a great original selection on etsy. 
A classy black lampshade looks right at home in a Parisian inspired interior.  
Have I mentioned French linens? Do I even need to? I have that represented in the sofa and pillows above.  
Also notice the sofa's sexy silhouette and dainty legs. 
You can find a little curvy side table like pictured above at just about any antique store, estate sale, etc.  I actually have a very similar one that was from my room as a child, which is now in Natalie's room.  
And if all else fails, buy yourself a pretty bike to prop in your entry or some Chanel No. 5 for your vanity and call it a Parisian day. 

Now saunter over to Jill's blog to get all dolled up in Parisian fashion!

(Side note: If you need a drinking game for this weekend, just come back to this post and take a shot every time you read "French" or "Parisian".)     


  1. Ohhhh! Amazing pictures! This was a VERY fun one! I love the LV throw in the third picture. And all such great picks in "get the look". I definitely need more French "stuff" in my life... so sexy and chic!

  2. Amazing pictures! OMG, I love the last image! I want to be on that balcony!!

  3. that bathroom is amazing - the color of the cabinets is painfully perfect and the chandelier- I can't even get into that!

  4. wow, these are amazing rooms!!! they feel so romantic too, ive been developing an itch to see Paris and you just solidified my desire, great post!

  5. you have such amazing taste. could i hire you???? i am trying hard to redecorate on a budget on my own. hard stuff.

  6. I'm such a fan of Parisian style. These pics are fab!! xx