Look to Love: PONO Accessories

I'm loving everything about PONO accessories right now.  I've been seeing them pop up everywhere in magazines, on celebrities and there was a great sale on gilt the other day. The bold designs and colors are so fun and fresh and would wake up any outfit. 

And how could you not love a company whose demographic is:

"..smart, modern women aiming to balance a fashionable and tasteful lifestyle with the demands of everyday life."

That's just so "us" right?!
Their materials range from horn, wood, metal, shell and Italian resin, which all lend to the uniqueness of their offerings.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I was pretty stoked to be sent a PONO accessory to review here on the ol' blog.  Here is my "snake" print resin cuff with gunmetal posts:

I wore this while out running errands the other day and got several compliments!  I love that it is very lightweight because I can't stand the feel of heavy jewelry on my wrist. And of course it has to stand up to my two little ones: Natalie wanting to wear it and prance around the house doing a "fashion show" and Kara wanting to pull it off and throw it on our tile floor in the kitchen.  (Both happened and not a scratch on the thing!)

You can check out more PONO offerings on their website here, and also on their facebook page here.


  1. oh my gosh, I just LOOOOVE that cuff!

  2. I like your cuff the best! Very nice and sassy :)

  3. oh how fun! you have to check out stella and dot...similar mantra, a little girlier style:
    enjoy :)

  4. LOVELY! I love those chain link bracelets! Looks great on you girl!

  5. Love those necklaces! And how fun is your cuff?

  6. OMG, I am soooooooo in love with those first necklaces. Gorgeous!