Liberty of London for M.A.C.

So we all know Liberty of London is coming to Target, but did you know they also have created a line for M.A.C. cosmetics? I just found this out today in my People Stylewatch mag, and looks like the line debuts this Thursday, March 11.

I just love the fun packaging!  If a product has cute packaging I am pretty much sold.
Oh, and guess what? I tweeted this earlier, but in case you missed it: I was in Target today and they had already put out some of the clothes from the L of L line. I snatched up a tiered peacock print dress with a quickness before anyone realized it was put out too early.  Holla! 


  1. Ooooh I did not know that! How fun! I would definitely buy it just for the packaging :)

  2. The package alone is worth the drive that it is going to take me to have these. Oh, but so worth it. I love MAC but have been using Smashbox because it is to far to drive to get MAC ( in my neck of the woods) But this just made it worth the drive, just think how pretty these will be on my bathroom counter.

    Thanks for sharing the find.

    Cha Cha

  3. Ok, I'm now on LoL alert. I'll be stalking my two Targets daily. Will report back with my findings.

    And seriously? That packaging? I'd buy an old shoe if it was wrapped in peacocks and birds.